Summary of the “Biography of In-in”

Summary of the “Biography of In-in”

Not so long ago there lived a student named Zhang, a young man of rare virtues, with a refined soul. He was already thirty-three years old, and he still did not have a lover. When his friends were amazed at his modesty, he said in response that he simply did not meet the one who would answer his feelings.

Once in the city of Pu he accidentally met his distant relative. It turned out that she and her son and daughter fled from the soldier’s revolt that happened in their land, and took refuge in Pu. Zhang managed through friends to make sure that near the house of the unfortunate fugitives put up a guard – his relatives were afraid to lose their good. In gratitude, my aunt arranged a reception for Zhang, in which she introduced her children.

The girl only seventeen

springs passed. She was so unusually good, good-natured, that in the humble clothes, without a magnificent haircut, the heart of a young man was wounded. Zhang thought for a long time how to open her feelings to her, and decided to trust the housemaid Hung-nyang, but she got embarrassed and just babbled about matchmaking. And Zhang at the thought of how long the matchmaking will last, just went crazy. Then, on the advice of a servant, he wrote poetry to the girl. Soon came the answer, which seemed like an enamored invitation to a date. At night, he crept into the girl’s peace, but met with a sharp rebuff from her side.

For several days he walked like a slain. But one night Inn-in (such was the nickname of the girl) herself came to him, and since that time they indulged in a secret love. In-in, although it was perfection itself, kept modestly, rarely spoke a word and even ashamed to play on the zither.

It’s time for Zhang to go to the capital. In-in did not blame her lover, only for the first time took the citru with him and played a sorrowful melody, and then burst into tears and fled.

In the exams in the capital, Zhang failed, but decided not to return home. He wrote a letter to his beloved and received an answer. In-in wrote about her eternal love and great shame. She did not expect to meet and sent

Zhang in memory of herself a jasper bracelet, because the jasper is firm and pure, and the bracelet has neither a beginning nor an end; a bamboo mortar that kept traces of her tears, and a tangle of tangled silk – a sign of her confused feelings.

A letter from Ying-in became known to some of Zhang’s friends. They asked him about what had happened, and he explained that women had been the source of disasters ever since. He, they say, would not have the virtues to overcome the disastrous spell, so he overcame his feelings.

In-in married, married and Zhang. The last greetings from her were in verse and ended with lines: “Love that you gave me / Give to a young wife.”

Once there lived a guy named Zhang. He did not have a girlfriend and his friends mocked him, saying you are already thirty-three years old, and you yourself. To the utterances of friends, Zhang replied that he had not yet met that one.

Once he was in the city of Pu, where he unexpectedly met his distant relative who was on the run from a soldier’s riot and decided to stay in this town. Zhang was able to agree on the protection of her house, and as a token of gratitude Auntie arranged a reception for him, introducing her children.

The girl was only seventeen and so they Zhang liked, that he could not find a place, he was thinking about her. The guy decided to act through the servant Hun-nyang, entrusting her matchmaking. But expectations cut him in the living, and Zhang decides to write In-in poems. The girl gave her answer to the verses, in which the guy saw a hint of a date, and made his way to her rooms at night. But Ying-in, meeting Zhang in his chambers, asked him to retire, which really upset the guy. Such an In-in gesture did not leave Zhang alone, he walked like a dead man for several days. He has already lost all hope of being near this perfect, sincere and humble girl. One beautiful night, Zhang can not fall asleep, I’ve been thinking about In-in, and amazed in surprise when she appeared on the threshold of his house. From that moment on they became secret lovers. He can not get enough of the opportunity to be near her,

It’s time to go to Zhang for examinations to the capital. The girl so did not want to part with her beloved, that she took the zither and played him a very sorrowful melody, then burst into tears and fled.

Zhang’s exams failed. Being upset, he decides not to return to In-in, writing a letter to her in which he explained everything. The girl did not hesitate with the answer and sent a letter in which she told about her eternal love for Zhang and about the great shame. On their meeting, she no longer counted, so she attached a jasper bracelet to her letter in memory of her.

In-in married, married and Zhang. The girl wrote her last message to Chazhn in poems that ended in lines: “Love what you gave me, give it to a young wife.”

Summary of the “Biography of In-in”