What lesson do I like most and why?

Recently, I fell in love with the lessons of fine art, or IZO, as all abbreviated name this subject. I used to dislike them, because I got ugly drawings, even some awkward ones, you can say. But after moving from primary school to fifth grade, we got to a new ISO teacher. This radically changed my attitude to drawing.

The teacher began with the very foundations, with what holds on any drawing – from perspective, proportionality, sense of color, the correct image of shadows. I diligently repeated all the actions for the teacher, learned new techniques, and my drawings changed dramatically: they could now be looked at without shudder and pity.

Previously, the teacher took my work with some kind of disgust, or some doubt in my abilities, and now the new teacher sometimes shows my drawings as an example for the rest. At such times I feel proud for my success.

The love of the lessons depends on how much you like the subject, how the teacher teaches it. Let me have not only “quartet” on the IZO, but I know that my teacher’s “satisfactory” score is always deserved and honest. In such cases, I have always tried and will try to correct the assessment, make the work more successful, and redraw.

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What lesson do I like most and why?