How different feelings help us live

The person has a lot of feelings. I want to tell you about the five main, basic.

Vision is the main source of information for our brain. Perceiving various visual images, we willfully or unwittingly correct our actions and actions. We see a pit on the road or a cloud in the sky, we take appropriate actions: we go around the pit, take an umbrella and dress according to the approaching bad weather, because the image of the cloud pushes us to the idea of ​​rain.

Hearing is also an important information receiver for us. With its help, we can communicate with other people, listen and create music, enjoy the rustle of falling leaves in autumn, hear the horn of the car that has crept behind.

Taste helps us understand what we eat. This feeling is intended, of course, more for enjoyment, but also helps to assess the quality of food, which is important for our health.

The sense of smell is no longer so developed in man as in the past, when people used this feeling more actively: on the hunt – to track down prey, at home – to feel danger. Now the sense of smell is necessary for us only to get pleasure from food, perfumery.

Touch helps the most perfect adaptation of the organism to the surrounding world. The softness of the fabric, the fluffiness of the kitten, the roughness of the brick wall, the sensation of the sea wave – all this is a touch.

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How different feelings help us live