What is honor?

In the composition there are references to the story of O. Pavlova “Bird cherry grandfather”.

Option 1

In my understanding, honor is a whole set of qualities: nobility, loyalty to the word, decency, dignity. These qualities can be born in each of us as a result of communication with an intelligent, decent, admirable person.

In the story of O. Pavlova for boys from the courtyard of the football team, this was the “bird cherry”. He was a strict judge, did not allow forbidden tricks and tricks on the field. The old man taught the guys honesty, fearlessness, decency – to what is included in the concept of “honor.” It was she who did not allow the children to betray the grandfather’s memory when he was no more.

Honor is respected all over the world. The Russian folk proverb warns: “Take care of your honor from the young age”, the Arabs say: “Supporting the truth – honor, support of lies –

loss of honor”, in Ukraine they think that “it’s better honor than oxen six”.

I think it’s wonderful that the value of honor is emphasized in the culture of all peoples.

Option 2

Honor, as I understand it, is such a moral value that helps us to behave with dignity, make decisions on conscience and not sink to small squabbles, envy, greed. A person of honor is a decent person.

In the story I read, “bird cherry grandfather” taught a team of boys-players to play by conscience, to be friendly. He handed the boys along with the ability to lead the ball and also nobility, the desire not to allow “unsportsmanlike conduct” on the field and in life.

The notion of honor is related to me and to the epochs of knights and musketeers, when the beauty of actions, loyalty to myself, the lady of the heart or the crown was placed above personal profit and gold.

You can recall King Arthur, who, according to some historians, created the Order of the most valiant “knights of the round table.” About their honor, justice, legends still


I believe that throughout life a person should cherish his honor and not lose it.

Option 3

I believe that honor is behavior that causes a feeling of respect among others. Honor means the ability to act fairly, without lies, falsehood, fear, without showing cowardice and selfishness.

This quality is born in the conditions of everyday life. This is exactly what happens in the story of O. Pavlova. The boys adopted from their “bird cherry” something they do not give a name. The narrator admits that they “somehow” became not only the most amicable team in the district, but also the most honest, fearless and disciplined. Of course, this is worthy of respect and admiration!

An unnamed grandfather formed a concept of honor in them. After all, even after his departure, the team did not forget the lessons taught.

It’s good, when in life there are such people, learning from whom you understand, who can be considered a man of honor.

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What is honor?