What is happiness essay oke

Happiness is when a person achieves his goal in life. When a person sets a goal, he determines the conditions under which he would be happy. So, if he achieved this goal, then he is a happy man. And since the goals in life are different for everyone: some want to become rich, famous, others dream to fly into space, the third – to become professionals in their work, then the ideas of happiness for all are different.

Happiness is what a person seeks for, for which he lives, thanks to which he does not commit suicide, in the implementation of which he believes, what he hopes for. A happy person can be at any age, financial situation and with any character. Some people, it happens, have reached a level that for some others is happiness, but they are not happy.

Some people, getting to old age, do not feel happy, because they could not be happy in their youth or maturity, or they did not know then that it was so important for further development. For example, in Uzh from

the “Song of the Falcon” Gorky’s notions of happiness differ from those of the Falcon.

For him, happiness is when it’s warm and damp, and for Falcon – see the sky, fly, fight, be free. If Sokol had flown into the sky, he would have achieved his goal – he would have been happy: “Oh, if I ever climbed up to the sky, I would press the enemy… to the wounds of my chest and… I would choke on my blood… Oh, the happiness of battle. ” In the work “Paradox” the main character saw his happiness in overcoming the difficulties of life and life “no matter what.” After living for a while, he felt happy. When he did not have any hands, he dreamed of becoming equal with everyone and, having done this, he became truly happy. Some people have enough to live for happiness.

These people really know how to value themselves, their lives, the God who created them and their lives; they are always happy, because the goal of their life is to live – they have always been achieved, such people bring the most effective contribution to lowering the entropy of our world, because, always feeling happy, he always wants to do something good for himself and for others. If all people are happy, our existence will be most effective.

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What is happiness essay oke