The writing of true and false values

Everyone in his life sees for himself a certain purpose and a cause to which he would dedicate his life. But man is a social being, and depends on another person. And often people take for ideals other people’s values ​​that carry in themselves, both positive and negative.

One of the main topics addressed in the text is the problem of true and false values. For many times, a high goal and service to ideals allowed a person to reveal the forces inherent in him. And to serve the cause of life, not succumbing to external negative influences – this is the main goal of man.

The author is convinced that any person who loves and knows his business can create an absolutely unattainable and at the same time so simple and vital thing. AI Kuprin confirms this by introducing in his text the work of Count Tolstoy’s “Cossacks”, which allowed Alexandrov to look at the world in a different way.

I fully agree with the author’s opinion, because

many of the things that surround us and seem to us too complicated, in fact are incredibly simple and understandable. After all, the only thing you need is to understand the meaning, reveal the idea, and then follow it.

The idea of ​​loyalty to one’s values ​​can be seen in Jeanne d’Arc’s deed. 75 years, France led an unsuccessful war with the English invaders. Jeanne believed that it was she who was destined to save France. The young peasant woman persuaded the king to give her a small detachment and was able to do what the most intelligent military commanders could not: she lit her people with her fierce faith. After many years of infamous defeats, the French finally managed to defeat the invaders.

An example of a man who kept his faithfulness to his vocation is truly the Italian poet and philosopher D. Bruno. Eight years he spent in the dungeons of the Inquisition. They demanded that he renounce his convictions, and promised to save his life for this. But Giordano Bruno did not begin to trade his truth, his faith.

When you reflect on these facts, you understand how important it is that the person is guided by the goal. And it is values ​​that are the foundation, the backbone for further advancement.

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The writing of true and false values