Summary “The Name of the Rose” Eco

The events described in the novel take place in the 14th century AD in a medieval Italian monastery. In the rich Benedictine monastery comes the famous religious figure of that time Wilhelm Baskervilsky with his assistant Adson Otrantsky (it is from his words that we are presented with all that has happened). Wilhelm arrived at the monastery to prepare a meeting between the representatives of the Pope and the head of the Order of the Franciscans, to whom he himself belongs. The meeting is necessary for a detailed discussion of the meeting, which is important for the Pope, who also wants Franciscans for the Order.

The abbot of the monastery, hearing about the developed deductive abilities of Wilhelm, asks him to investigate the mysterious death that took place in the monastery the day before – a young monk of the monastery named Adel fell into the abyss. However, the abbot strictly forbids Wilhelm to visit the library of the monastery, which at that time was considered one

of the richest in the entire Christian world.

Ailgelm proceeds to investigate and discovers that all traces lead to the library: it was there that he worked as an enumerator Adelm, there were also subsequent victims, which were several already at the time of the previous visit to the monastery of Wilhelm. Wilhel and Adson find out that in all the blame some mysterious book, which so much wanted to get all the dead. They find a secret passage to the library, but their visit ends rather ingloriously: they fall into several traps arranged by the unknown, and also get lost in the labyrinth of the rooms. The detectives decide that it is possible to solve the mystery from the outside. And they really succeed: they make up the supposed plan for the labyrinths of the library, which later turns out to be completely correct.

Young Adson understands that in the monastery there live people who were previously in heretical gangs. One of them is the Kelar of Remigii, the other is his friend Salvador. They actively take advantage of the position of Remigia, exchanging monastery food for the affectionate attitude of young

girls from nearby villages. One after another, Remsia finds Adson. Remigia retreated, and the girl, who Adson liked, comes in contact with him.

Meanwhile, the monastery comes representatives of the Order of the Franciscans and the Pope. The main point of divergence between the positions of the pope and the order was the question of the poverty of Christ: the Franciscans believed that Christ did not own any property, while the pope and his entourage drowned in luxury and considered it a dangerous heresy (for which at that time they could be burned at the stake) . Inquisitor Bernard Guy, who heads the delegation of the Pope’s representatives, takes care of order in the monastery. Very soon he goes to the trail of Salvador and Remigia and finds out that they were part of the brutal sect of Dolchin, who was burned at the stake. The capture of heretics undermined the position of the Franciscans and the meeting was actually ripped apart. Representatives of the torus leave. Wilhelm, however, very closely podozhel to unravel the secrets of the library,

Wilhel decides to unravel the mystery at any price and eventually understands how to enter the secret room of the library, where the main culprit of all the troubles has already awaited him – the former librarian, the blind old man Jorge, who desperately defends the book “Poetics” in one copy Aristotle, where convincingly proved the need for laughter. It was this book that caused the death of at least six people: a part of it died from poison, which was saturated with the book, some died violently. Realizing that it was revealed, Jorge begins to tear out pages from the book and is there to destroy. When you try to prevent him, there is a fire that completely destroyed both the library and the monastery.

Adson and Wilhelm leave the conflagration, so that soon they will be separated forever.

The meaning of “The Name of the Rose” Umberto Eco appears before us both as a detective story and as a historical novel. Quite a lot in the book and philosophical and religious issues, in our time have a very dubious relevance.

Conclusion Whatever the fans of the book “The Name of the Rose” Umberto Eco said, it’s hard to read it. For example, it was not easy for me to find the time and place for this (in the metro and the pool where I drive my daughter, it’s extremely difficult to do this). Very tired of the endless descriptions and unnecessarily frequent use of old words. The main villain, however, was very easy to guess, I made this still on the seventieth page. In general, the book did not really catch me, it’s definitely not the best detective and certainly not the best novel I’ve read. However, I can not say that I wasted my time. Read and you 🙂

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Summary “The Name of the Rose” Eco