The Painting Serebryakova “House of Cards”

Zinaida Serebryakova – an outstanding Russian artist, who entered the history of painting, was born on December 12, 1884 in an educated family. Her grandfather on the mother, Nikolai Leontyevich Benois, professor, academician, was chairman of the Petersburg Society of Architects. The artist’s father, Evgeni Alexandrovich Lansere, was a famous sculptor.

Serebryakova received an excellent education. She studied at the women’s gymnasium and the art school of Princess KN Tenisheva. Also Zinaida Evgenyevna studied in the studio of the most talented portraitist OE Braz. The creativity of the artist was greatly influenced by the work of the great Russian painter Venetsianov.

Russian artist, art historian, Alexander Nikolaevich Benois, Zinaida Evgenievna’s uncle, wrote about her work: “In her art there is so much sweet, affectionate charm, it is essentially close, so simple and straightforward to the heart and mind that it is difficult to be objective

when you talk about him, it’s too captivating, too captivating. ” It is difficult not to agree with the words of an art critic. In fact, each painting by ZE Serebryakova is amazing. It fascinates, makes you think about the most difficult things. In the artist’s works her inner world is revealed. And the audience gets an opportunity to get to know the most secret secrets of her soul.

The picture “House of cards” – this is one of the most sad works of Serebryakova. The painting was written in 1919. Only a few months after the death of Boris Anatolyevich Serebryakov, the artist’s husband. The young woman was left alone with four young children and an old mother. All previous life collapsed. And the picture shows it. Children – Sasha, Tanya, Katya, Zhenya put a house of cards. Their faces are sad and concentrated. The house of cards is very fragile, it can collapse at any moment.

For Serebryakova, human values ​​such as home, home comfort, warmth of the home were always very important. And the house of cards in this picture symbolizes how human happiness is

impermanent, unreliable and vulnerable. The house of cards can collapse at any time. Similarly, simple human happiness can collapse.

It is impossible not to be imbued with the mood of Zinaida Evgenievna Serebryakova, if you look closely at this picture. For the creativity of the artist was characteristic of the theme of childhood as a very special period of life – joyful, happy carefree. But the picture “House of cards” is completely different. Here the main theme is sadness and anxiety. The overall color of the picture is cold and dull. Children look miserable and sad. And this is quite understandable. After all, they recently orphaned. The children look at the house of cards, which crumbles in their hands.

Each detail of the picture emphasizes a bleak and sad atmosphere. The children are dressed in dark clothes. On the table besides the house of cards lies a doll. It becomes clear that the little girl, the owner of this toy, lost all interest to her. What do children think? We can only guess about this. Perhaps they remember that happy time when their father was alive. Then everything was completely different. Life was carefree and fun. Mom was always in a good mood.

Children subtly feel the atmosphere that reigned in their house. That’s why they are so silently, quietly sitting and collecting a house of cards. This occupation can not be called a typical children’s game. But the children are very keen. It seems that they do not notice anything around. Probably, it is so. After all, children are too immersed in their experiences. And so all the rest of them at the moment is of little concern.

The moment of tragic doom, loneliness and anguish is clearly felt when you look at this picture. I want to somehow support these unfortunate children, tell them a kind word. But, alas, this is impossible. The picture reflected only one moment in the life of the children. What will happen to them further, how their life will develop, we do not know. We can only guess and guess what their future life will be like.

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The Painting Serebryakova “House of Cards”