Composition on the picture of Korzukhin “Bird’s enemies”

Korzuhin’s whole life was devoted to creativity, because he could not find his own energy, he simply could not, because he understood that it is possible to reach people’s hearts only with the help of art. From day to day the artist set himself the achievement of this very good purpose. He himself was born in a serf family, and therefore his work was mainly devoted to the heroes of ordinary peasant life and the hard work of those who are dependent on the will of the master.

Among the instructive and profound paintings is the canvas “Bird’s enemies.” The central images of the canvas were three boys, they are from a peasant family, accustomed to difficulties and adventures. Getting up early in the morning, they were collected in order to go and catch birds. On clothes it is perfectly visible, that excesses in a family are inadmissible, they are dressed simply and in a rural way.

Slightly oversize shirts and pants, which, it seems, were given

to them from their older brothers or fathers, however, this was worn by all the village boys. By the fact that the children do not have bast shoes, you can understand that the summer is in the yard. It’s also much more convenient. In the hands of one of their boys a pole, very long, and at the end of it a noose. It is such a special device that is adapted for catching birds. The rest in their hands have cages in which they will collect the captured birds.

Judging by the children, you can understand that this work for them is not a novelty, and hunting for them is a common thing. Since childhood, the boys understand that it is their sacred duty and duty to help their family, because they are men, breadwinners.

One of the boys, the older one, apparently already having noticed the prey, points to the other two. The boy, who is a little younger, covers his face with his hand so that the sun does not hit his face. He also carefully fixed his gaze to where the older boy shows. The youngest participant of catching very closely follows everything that his companions are doing, he seems to want to learn more.

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Composition on the picture of Korzukhin “Bird’s enemies”