Summary of “The Life and Amazing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe” Defoe

Robinson is the third son in the family. He dreamed of sea voyages, and his parents did not want to listen. But all the same he sailed from Gulya to London on the ship of his friend’s father on September 1, 1651. But on the very first day there was a remorse caused by the storm, which calmed down with the bad weather. In the next storm, the ship sinks, and the sailors on a boat passing by a ship are delivered ashore. Robinson, frightened, wanted to return to his parents’ house, but again gets on board the ship that sailed to Guinea.

As a result of the next expedition, Robinson became the “pathetic slave” of the captain of the robber ship. He escapes from him, gets on a Portuguese ship. In Brazil, he gets citizenship, handles an acquired piece of land for sugar cane and tobacco. But again, Robinson is on board – secretly travels to Brazil with plantation neighbors on slaves to work on their plantations. On the way, storms fly one after another, the

ship, far away from trade routes, at the sight of the earth, runs aground. The team moved to the boat on the raging waves, but a huge shaft overturned it. Robinson miraculously got to the land. The only one of the crew.

Wrapped in hunger, fear and sorrow for the lost comrades, Robinson spent the first night on a tree. In the morning, not far from the shore, there was a ship docked by the tide. Swim up to it, Robinson made a raft of masts, on which he carried all the necessary things to the shore: tools, clothing, ax, hammer and guns. Going in search of housing, Robinson realizes that this is an uninhabited island. The next morning he again went to the ship, trying to bring from there all the more until the next storm began, which completely destroyed the ship that night.

Robinson arranged a safe shelter near the sea, where one can expect salvation. He smashed the tent on a flat clearing on a hillside slope against a depression in a rock. He fences it with a palisade, driving strong trunks into the ground. Entrance to the fortress only by the ladder. An extended depression in the rock is used as a cellar. After

living so many days, quickly gaining experience. Two weeks he poured gunpowder into many small bags and hid them from the rain in different places. Getting used to a new life, Robinson has changed a lot. Now his goal is to survive. In the process of one work, he notices something else that is going to benefit. He has to learn new professions, the laws of the surrounding world, learn to interact with him. He mastered the skills of hunting goats, at the same time he managed to tame a few of them, adding meat and milk to his diet, he learned to make cheese.

So as not to get lost in time, Robinson built a wooden calendar on which he marked the days with a knife, making a notch. With him live a dog and three cats (from a ship), tamed a talking parrot. He keeps a diary – paper and ink, too, from the ship. Reads the bible. Examining the island, finds the grapes, which dries in the sun. Raisins reinforces strength. He feels himself the master of these paradise beauties.

In the daily work pass the year. He built a boat, but could not launch it – far from the shore. During the next walk, seeing the footprint on the sand, Robinson, frightened, begins to “strengthen.”

On the 23rd year of his life on the island, he saw how savages visited his island to eat his prey. Robinson is scared. He dreams of fleeing to the mainland, and in order to help, he decided to release the captive savage, who will be brought for food. Robinson carried out this in a year and a half and called the rescued Friday. He teaches his craft, talk, wear clothes. Friday considers Robinson “God.”

They together will pacify the rebellious team of the English ship, which will deliver to their island the captain, assistant and passenger. As a condition for the release of the ship, Robinson asks them to deliver Friday with England to England, and leave the rebels on the island for correction. And it was done.

After 28 years, Robinson returned home. His parents died. All these years his plantation was managed by an official from the treasury and Robinson returned income for the entire period. Being well-off, he takes care of two nephews, marries in his 62 years “quite successfully.” He has two sons and a daughter.

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Summary of “The Life and Amazing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe” Defoe