Summary “Dubrovsky”

The year 1833 of the 19th century was the year of the publication of Pushkin’s little novel Dubrovsky, created by the author on the basis of a real story by VP Nashchokin. Many consider the work to be an unfinished novel, which reflected the characteristic features of landlord Russia. Below you can see the description of the main characters of the story and read the summary of “Dubrovsky” by chapters.

Main characters

Vladimir Dubrovsky is a cornet, the son of a small landowner, the main image in the story.
Andrey Gavrilovich Dubrovsky is a landlord whose estate is trying to take away Troekurov.
Kirila Petrovich Troekurov is a landlord who has unlimited opportunities in his district.
Masha Troekurova – a young girl, daughter of Kiril Petrovich, the beloved of Dubrovsky, the younger.

Other characters

Shabashkin – assessor
Arkhip-smith – serf Dubrovsky
Egorovna – servant Dubrovsky

Anton Pafnutich Spitsyn – a poor landlord who testified against Andrei Gavrilovich Dubrovsky
Prince Vereisky – an old man who became the husband of Masha Troyekurova

Chapter 1.

The novel “Dubrovsky” by Pushkin begins with a description of the landowner Troekurov, who has crushed under him all the local nobility. He lives without acknowledging the laws, he does not listen to anyone, he does what he likes. His neighbor on the estate was Dubrovsky Andrey Gavrilovich, with whom they were friends from youth, they were together in military service and did not lose contact with each other. Somehow they became widowed at the same time. Dubrovsky had a son, Vladimir, and Troekurov brought up his daughter Masha.
At a dinner party there is a quarrel between friends. Seeing the kennel of Troyekurov, Andrei Gavrilovich accuses the fact that he has much better life for dogs than ordinary people. This servant Troyekurov insults this comment to Dubrovsky and he leaves.
In Kistinevka, he learns that the Troekurov serfs steal his forest. He orders to whip the

peasants and take the horse from them. Angry Troekurov begins to build plans for revenge and plans to take away from a former friend of the estate.

Chapter 2.

During the proceedings, Andrei Gavrilovich can not prove his right to own Kistenevka, since his documents burned long ago. The hired witness Anton Spitsyn confirms the illegality of possession in court, and the court decides to give Kistenevka to Troekurov. When signing the document, Dubrovsky becomes ill, and he is sent home.

Chapter 3.

Having received a letter from an old nanny, Dubrovsky Jr. goes to his father. He is met by Anton, the coachman of his father, who convinces the young cornet of the loyalty of all the peasants and their reluctance to obey Troyekurov.

Chapter 4.

To explain what is happening clearly, the father can not to the son because of illness. The appeals period established by the court passes and the estate ceases to be the property of the Dubrovskys. But Troyekurov is not happy with the deed. He is tormented by conscience, and he goes to a friend with the intention of fixing everything.
When he saw Kiril Petrovich arriving, Dubrovsky’s father began to be very nervous and paralyzed. The son is furious and expels the former friend of his father. The doctor did not help, and the master died.

Chapter 5.

As soon as the funeral of Andrei Gavrilovich Dubrovsky was over, representatives of the judicial commission appeared in Kistenevka, under the guidance of the assessor Shabashkin. They are going to prepare papers that will give the right to the estate of Troyekurov. Local peasants refuse to fulfill the will of the court. A riot is ripe. Vladimir persuades the congregation to disperse, and allows the guests to spend the night in their parents’ house.

Chapter 6.

At night the house lights up and everyone who is inside dies. The blacksmith specially covers all exits, but nobody wants to help them.

Chapter 7.

The investigation begins. Kirila Petrovich is conducting an active investigation. Investigators find out that the local smith has burnt the house. Under suspicion falls Vladimir, but the evidence is not found. In the district there is a gang of bandits who rob only the rich. Many people think that these are the peasants who fled from the estate of Dubrovsky under the guidance of their young master.

Chapter 8.

The plot of the story “Dubrovsky” continues the appearance of Masha. The author tells the reader about her lonely childhood, among books and dreams. She grew up with her stepbrother Sasha, who was the son of Troekurov and the governess. It can not be said that they were friends, but the boy treated his sister with love and tenderness.
Troekurov seeks to give Sasha a decent education, for which he hires the Frenchman Deforge. The teacher teaches music to Masha and conquers her heart. Kirila Petrovich himself is happy with the teacher. An important role in this was played by the case: when Troyekurov decided to laugh at the Frenchman and pushed him towards the bear, he did not get scared and killed the animal from the pistol.

Chapter 9.

In the estate of Troyekurov there is a temple holiday. A large number of guests are going to. They discuss robbers and talk about it. Some believe that Vladimir does not rob all in a row, while others condemn and demand capture. The Ispravnik notes that Dubrovsky will be necessarily caught, since his signs are already known. Reading them, Troekurov notices that they fit, in practice, to everyone. Telling the audience about the bravery of the teacher, he notices that he is not afraid of robbers with such a defender.

Chapter 10.

One of the guests, Spitsyn, does not cease to be afraid and asks a bold teacher to spend the night with him. Deforge agrees. When all fell asleep, the teacher robs Spitsyn, and threatens him with reprisals, if he tells who the Frenchman really is.

Chapter 11.

A brief digression, a brief summary of which tells the reader how Dubrovsky turned into Deforzha. Vladimir met the Frenchman on his way to the estate, at the station and offered him a large sum for all the documents. The teacher agreed at once. Thus, Dubrovsky came to Troyekurov, where he immediately won the love of all domestic people.

Chapter 12.

Vladimir realizes that he must disappear and asks Masha about a meeting in which he tells her the whole truth, speaks of her love for her, reports her departure, because she can no longer be around. On the same day, towards evening, the police chief comes to the estate and demands the issuance of a teacher, since there is information that he is Vladimir Dubrovsky. Troekurov tells him to find a teacher, but that’s nowhere to be found.

Chapter 13.

Troyekurov’s neighbor was an elderly prince named Vereisky. All summer he leads a friendship with Kiril Petrovich, pays attention to Masha and begins courtship, considering the girl a suitable candidate for the role of his wife.

Chapter 14.

Several weeks of courtship took place. Vereisky asks Masha’s hands and is going to marry. Troyekurov is satisfied with this marriage, and he gives consent to the marriage of his daughter, ordering him to prepare for the wedding. At the same time Masha learns about Dubrovsky’s desire to meet with her.

Chapter 15.

At the meeting, she tells Dubrovsky about his situation. He already knows this and offers Masha his help. In response, she offers to wait a little longer, thinking that she can persuade her father not to give her to marry the old prince. Vladimir hands her a ring, which, in danger, she must put in a hollow tree.

Chapter 16.

Masha wrote a letter to the prince, in which he asked not to take her as his wife. But Vereisky shows this letter to Troyekurov and he decides to hold the wedding more quickly, and Masha herself is locked up until this time.

Chapter 17.

Masha is in complete despair. She gives the little Sasha a ring, asking him to put it in the hollow. The boy does the errand, but when he sees the red-haired boy, who takes the message, starts a fight with him. He thinks that that thief is trying to steal his sister’s ring. The noise rises and everything turns out.

Chapter 18.

Masha is crowned with Vereisky. On the way from the church, the robbers are attacked by robbers. Prince shoots, getting to Dubrovsky. Vladimir offers Masha an exemption, but she refuses. They had already been married, and she had sworn to be a faithful wife.

Chapter 19.

The authorities start a war with the bandits, declare everyone on the wanted list and call on the troops to help. There is a fight. Vladimir understands that they will lose. He dissolves his comrades, and he disappears in the forest. Nobody ever saw him again, although there were rumors that he was still alive and went abroad.

This ends the novel. A brief retelling of “Dubrovsky” included only the main events of the story, for a fuller understanding and knowledge of all the details of the work, read the full version.

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Summary “Dubrovsky”