Summary “May Night or the Drowned Woman” by Gogol

Summary “May Night or the Drowned Woman” by Gogol

One quiet, clear evening, the boys and girls gathered to sing songs. Levko, the son of a village head, drags a song near one of the huts, calling a beautiful girl named Ganna. Ganna struggles for a long time with doubts and fears before quitting. She is afraid of the envy of the girlfriends, the courage and audacity of the guys, and her strict mother. Levko is unable to reassure his beloved, his father ignores all the talk of his son about the wedding.

Ganna asks Levko the question of the house, with boarded-up shutters, the reflection of which can be seen in the dark waters of the pond. Then Levko narrates to Hannah a story about the fact that in this house lived a centurion with a beautiful daughter. One day the centurion married a second time, but his beautiful daughter did not

like her stepmother, who started to plague her, and then forced her out of the house. In despair, the young girl rushed from a steep bank into the dark waters of the pond and drowned, becoming at the same time the most important among all the drowned women. Once she managed to drag her stepmother into the water, but she managed to turn into a drowned woman and avoid revenge. Now, on the spot where the house used to be, they are going to build Vinnitsa, specially for this purpose came the distillery. After the story, Levko and Gunn are forgiven and Levko goes to his friends.

Saying goodbye to friends, Levko goes back and notices Ganna, who is talking about Levko with a certain person. Levko listens to the conversation and hears how a man scolds him and confesses to Gunn in love. In the light of the moon, Levko sees the man’s face and is horrified – this is his father. Levko decides to teach him with the help of his friends. Meanwhile, the father comes home and starts a conversation with the distiller. Suddenly a window breaks and a cobblestone flies into the house. The father begins swearing, but the distiller calms him and talks about his mother-in-law. From the street, an offensive song is heard against Father Levko and this pushes him to take decisive action.

Couple with the distiller they manage to grab the

instigator in a black sheepskin coat, put on inside out. They go to the scribe, to file charges, taking with them the tenth. It turns out that the clerk also grabbed a similar bully, locking him in a barn. Debate begins as to who owns the honor of catching the instigator, and to resolve it, they are sent to the barn. There they find the sister-in-law of Father Levko, who was not burned by a miracle, having mixed up with the devil. The second caught a tomboy was pretty drunk Kalenik. Levko’s father runs into a frenzy and gives the decree orders to catch the instigator, motivating them with harsh reprisals in case of failure.

At this time Levko, with a face smeared in soot and in a black sheepskin coat, is near an old house on the shore of a pond. Levko peers at the reflection of the house and notices that one of the windows has been opened in it. Levko begins to sing a song and a beautiful young girl can be seen in the window. She cries and asks Levko to help her find the witch among the drowned women, promising to thank Levko well if he cope. Levko agrees and begins to look for the witch among the girls who lead roundelays. At first he does not manage to single out one girl from all the drowned women. but when they start a game in the crow, Levko notices that one of the girls who volunteered to become a crow is a bit darker than others. And when she catches her victim in the excitement of the game, Levko notices what anger appears at this time in her eyes. Levko points to it.

Levko wakes up with a piece of paper in his hands, his father grabs him, together with the tenth ones. The paper is nothing but the order of Levko’s father from the commissioner, the retired lieutenant Kozma Dergach-Drishpanovsky, to marry Levko and Ganna, to restore the bridges on the high road and other important orders. Father Levko is amazed and asks many questions, Levko concocts a story about how he met with the commissioner and he was going to visit Levko’s father and dine with him. Levko receives from his father, inspired by such honor, a promise to play a wedding the next day. Then Levko secretly leaves for the famous hut and then goes to his home.

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Summary “May Night or the Drowned Woman” by Gogol