The attitude of man to nature

The man and the nature are connected by the centuries-old strong ties. The composition on the topic of harmonious cooperation between these two important components is laid at the moment of the origin of an intelligent life on a unique planet Earth. How diligently we will take care of the preservation of our native nature, so our physiological and material condition will increase.

The connection of man with nature began from time immemorial. No wonder nature is called a mother. After all, she is the first assistant and defender, always giving shelter and life itself. Nature is the only source of our, that is, human existence.

The interaction of man and nature must be harmonious in all respects. Nothing happens for no reason. If you want to eat bread, grow it. Work on the ground with love and respect, and she will feed you. Take care of rivers and lakes, and they will give you drink. Maintain a balance of this mutual help, and nature will generously repay you with its gifts.


and nature are by and large one whole. A newborn man with a ripe cherry falls into the mother’s hem of nature, and only thanks to her grows and lives. Since childhood, he must learn to love nature. protect it, protect it from thoughtless destruction and feel with it.

The role of man in nature is extremely great. As a reasonable being, he is responsible for all the good and bad that is happening in our world. Many human vices are capable of causing enormous damage to the environment. The barbaric pumping out of underground resources all the time devastates the bowels of the earth. They do not have time to recover, as well as fresh water reserves, which are consumed thoughtlessly and uneconomically by tons of mega liters.

The severed forests lose their habitat of animals, plants, insects and amphibians. Forest felling with sticking out stumps is like toothless mouths, crying to us with a sound of screams of despair. The rare species of animals that have been exterminated by humans, as well as the fishes, will never flit in the forest more often, they will not splash their tail in the river

or in the sea. Our children will see them only in pictures in the textbooks of zoology. And in the textbooks of botany – the species of plants that have disappeared forever.

The attitude of man to nature begins with early childhood. The insect creeps along the path – do not trample on the foot. Grow dandelions on the lawn – do not rip off to immediately throw it away. An abandoned kitten cries in the yard or a puppy whines – do not kick them. Skip the insect, go around dandelion, milk the kitten, throw the puppy a bone, stroke them. So wise parents bring up their baby. He will grow into a citizen with a capital letter. He will become a worker or scientist, but he will always remember that his house is not only four walls, but the whole world, where everyone and everything is always welcome to him.

The interconnection of man and nature with pinching, bright joy rings on the string of the general melody in unison. But if a person ever imagines himself above Mother Nature, will become proud, begin to destroy, destroy, and devastate, then the fragile bond will be cut off forever. Natural cataclysms now even more often the planet calls us to turn to her face and moderate his ambitions.

The attitude of man to nature must be the same as nature to man. The sun, air, rain, water, wind, gifts of forests and fields – all this nature gives us in abundance. Every day we consume more and more greedy and more gluttonous. Take the last grain to the last, scoop up to the last drop. We are exterminating the soil, and today she is trying to feed our insatiable womb with her last strength.

The role of man in nature should not be dominant, because we are her children. Reverence, diligence, respect and admiration – this is the set of feelings that we must experience in relation to nature. And only when man and nature merge into one whole, we will be happy unreservedly, unlimitedly and forever, that is forever.

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The attitude of man to nature