Composition on the theme “The Heroes”

VM Vasnetsov is rightfully considered an outstanding Russian artist. His paintings amaze the viewer for many years. The picture “Bogatyri” is not an exception.

It depicts the epic defenders of the motherland, strong, mighty people. They vigilantly guard the borders of their state, and are always ready to rush to protect him. Their postures feel calm, but this impression is deceptive. They are ready at any moment to repel the threat. Their names are known to everyone – they are Alyosha Popovich, Ilya Muromets and Dobrynya Nikitich. Their faces are confident and calm. But, they, without any hesitation, will die for Russia.

In the center of the picture – Ilya Muromets. He is dressed simply, that gives out his peasant origin. He has a spear. It is big and has been in more than one battle, but it is quite easy to manage with it. His face is alert with broad cheekbones. His brow furrowed. He was not used to joking with the enemy. A horse is a match for

him. He is majestic and heavy. But how else, he should serve his master well. Ilya take care of his friend – he is handsome and well-groomed. On his right hand hangs his mace. It is big and heavy, just for such a hero.

At the right hand of Elijah is Dobrynia Nikitich. He is of princely origin. Its decoration is expensive, its shield is decorated with gold, harnessing a horse with gold pendants. The horse is a faithful assistant who has not been in one battle. He is also on the alert. His mane develops in the wind. He is fast, quick and handsome. The look of Dobryny is severe. In his hands he holds a sword. Dobrynia is ready for battle with the enemy. He half took the sword from its scabbard and held it at the ready. The sight of him is determined, he will be able to repel any attack.

Alyosha Popovich is the youngest of the heroes. He is the son of a clergyman, but he could not stay at home when Russia was in danger. Despite his youth, he is brave and brave and not inferior to his associates. In his hands he holds an onion. The arrows issued by him fly swiftly and accurately to the target. He does not part with the harp. It speaks of his romantic nature. His horse is a red suit, he is brave and hot.

Nature in the picture also conveys anxiety. In the background, thunderclouds are seen. Judging by the developing manes of horses and restless grass, the wind blows. Despite the fact that the heroes in the picture seem to have frozen in static poses and stand as monuments, but they feel that at any moment they are ready to break from their seats and rush to defend the border.

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Composition on the theme “The Heroes”