Summary “The reserve of fairy tales” Bulychev

Alice taught the Martian language. The weather was beautiful outside. I did not want to do Alice very much. Her father was very busy at that moment, writing a scientific article. Alice’s father was a very serious man, a cosmetic veterinarian, he treated strange animals. Suddenly the videophone rang. A normal goat appeared on the screen and bleated. Father did not understand anything. Alice suggested that the goat turns to his father for help. But the father said that the goats do not know how to talk. And again I took up my article. Alice had to go to her room.

Suddenly a terrible noise and trampling were heard on the street. There, a tall man led a large three-headed dragon. On the dragon was a sign “Serpent Gordynych.” It turned out that they were going to Alisa’s father, Professor Seleznev.

The old man said that they came from the Reserve of Fairy Tales. It turns out that the dragon fell ill and needed treatment. The old man was called Kusandra.

He said that he serves in the reserve as an assistant to the director for the economic part. Father knew that the director of the reserve was Ivan Ivanovich Tsarevich.

The old man said that the director is now at a conference in the city of Timbuktu. Kusandr was very worried that the dragon would die. Then the director will become very angry.

Alice noticed that Kusandra treated the dragon very badly. He called him in every way, kicked him with all his strength. Of course, the dragon was much more than the old man, and the blows were harmful primarily to Kusandra himself (he badly bruised his leg against the dragon’s body), but still this behavior was at least strange.

Professor Seleznev examined the dragon, said that he was healthy, there was only a small cold. I advised him to strengthen the injections. But the dragon said that he was afraid of injections.

After the inspection, Kusandra and the dragon left. Professor Seleznev, like Alice, drew attention to the fact that the old man behaves very badly with the dragon. And then I decided to talk with the director Ivan Ivanovich Tsarevich

so that he would not keep such assistants.

While Kusandra was talking with Professor Seleznev, Alice saw that a real gnome had come out of the pocket of the old man’s coat that he left on the hanger. Alisa got acquainted with the gnome. That was called Sven. He was very moody and grumpy.

The dwarf said that strange things are created in the Reserve of Tales. And all the inhabitants suspect that Kusandra is plotting a plot. The inhabitants of the reserve had suspicions that the director Ivan Ivanovich Tsarevich was not at Timbuktu at all, as Kusandra was saying, and something bad happened to him. The dwarf came especially to talk with Alice, ask her for help. She was already known as a kind, brave and desperate girl.

Alisa agreed to help and was going to go to the reserve. The dwarf advised her to take off her modern jumpsuit so as not to attract attention. Alice found an old sarafan, which looked like old clothes. The dwarf saw Alice doll Dasha, decided to take her with him, said that she would be his bride. Together with the doll he took doll furniture as a dowry. Sven (or Venya, as he allowed himself to be called) said that the director of the reserve is a good man, but he does not know much about people. That’s why he could not understand who Kusandr was really. And the old man is wicked and dangerous.

Alice, along with the gnome, arrived in the reserve. There was an unusual forest here. Alice walked through the forest, the dwarf and the doll were in her bag. Suddenly, in the forest, Alice saw the Gray Wolf. He was very polite and friendly. The wolf asked Alice who she was and from where. Alisa introduced herself as Cinderella, said that she was a new inhabitant of the reserve.

The wolf told her about himself, it turns out that he has become a vegetarian for a long time, and now he does not eat anyone, he only eats carrots.

After meeting with the Wolf Alice went to the house of the dwarves. Here she met Aunt Sven, her name was Dagmar, and his brothers. My aunt said that Venya is a very frivolous and lazy young man. She saw the doll, was surprised. Venya explained that this is his bride. Aunt Dagmar said that this is an ordinary doll. Also has added, that she would like to marry Sven really and to wait for grandsons.

Aunt and brothers forced Venya to accompany Alice, so that she would not get lost in the reserve. On the way, they saw the Cat in boots grazing the goat. Venya said that the Cat is a very unprincipled person, capable of any meanness. The cat was Kusandra’s right hand.

Alice and the dwarf came to the clearing, where there was a huge refrigerator. In it there lived the Grandfather the Frost. In the summer he was hot on the street, so Father Frost was hiding in the refrigerator, in which there was a real room. Alisa got acquainted with the Snow Maiden. They described in detail about common fears.

Father Frost advised me to look for Ivan Ivanovich Tsarevich in the castle, where the directorate was located. Alice was escorted by the Bear. On the way, Alice saw a mermaid, an ugly duckling, met Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. They all lived in the Reserve of Fairy Tales. And all the fabulous inhabitants came to the reserve from the past, from the legendary era. The director helped them to get by using the time machine…

The grandmother of the Little Red Riding Hood gave Alice tasty pies. Grandmother was very industrious, she knitted the curtain of children’s music theater, the best curtain in the world. Little Red Riding Hood itself was very lazy, she spent days watching TV or sleeping. Alice was surprised that Grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood live in the Reserve of Fairy Tales, because they are the most ordinary people.

Grandmother said that they came here voluntarily. Grandma really wanted to give her granddaughter an education. But Little Red Riding Hood categorically did not want to learn. The girl was shown to the doctors. She was completely healthy, but very lazy. And besides, knowledge could not be held in her head. The doctor said that she could not help her, that she was fabulous lazy. And my grandmother decided to live with her granddaughter in the reserve of fairy tales.

Alisa went to the directorate, which was in an ancient castle. Quite by accident, the girl noticed that Gray Wolf had made his way to the castle, to the office where Kusandra was drinking tea. Gray Wolf said that he was suspicious of Cinderella.

Kusandra quickly figured out that there is no such fairy tale in the Reserve. According to their conversation, Alice realized that they were actually plotting evil and that the director was bewitched. Suddenly a Cat came in from the forest in boots, he was dragging a goat behind him. Alice realized that the Cat was at one with the attackers.

In the second half of the castle lived a fairy king. Alice went to him. He said that he lives here for a long time, before the whole castle was his. But now he gave the half of the castle to the director of the reserve Ivan Tsarevich for being fed and served. And now the king is upset that his second day is not fed and served. Earlier the king was served by Kusandra. The king called him a low, mean man. And now the old man for some reason does not come, the king is already very hungry to eat. Alisa said that the director disappeared.

While Alice was talking to the king, there was a knock at the door. Alice hid, Kusandra entered. He began to ask the king whom he was talking to. The king said that he began to speak of himself with hunger. The king asked where the director was. And Kusandra replied that the director was in Timbuktu at a conference on permafrost. When Kusandra left, the king confirmed Alice’s fears. Timbuctoo is an ancient African city, it is located next to the Sahara desert, and there can be no conference on permafrost there. The King showed Alice how to get to the courtyard. On the way the girl met a dragon she already knew, Snake Gordynych. They had a nice chat. The dragon complained of loneliness. The girl said that she had heard: in a distant Scotland, in the Loch Ness lake there is a monster very similar to a dragon. Snake Gordynych was delighted, said that it was his cousin,

Alice went to the dungeon. She thought that they could hide Ivan Tsarevich there. Here in the crystal coffin the sleeping princess slept, very beautiful girl. The cat in her boots sang her serenades, tried to open the coffin. He could not do it, then he began to scratch the goat. Kozlik wept bitterly.

Alice could not stand it and rushed to the rescue. So she betrayed her presence, and she was caught.

Kusandr began to interrogate Alice, then put her in the dungeon. Fortunately, Alice was rescued by a dragon.

Alice ran to her friends, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. On the way she saw the horns and legs that remained of the goat. Alice and other inhabitants of the reserve realized that the real goat was eaten by the Wolf, who so diligently pretends to be a vegetarian. A goat, whom the Pussy passed in boots, was an enchanted director.

A meeting was announced in the reserve. All the inhabitants had to come. Kusandra said that the one who will not be at the meeting will be enchanted and imprisoned in the dungeon. The inhabitants of the reserve gathered. It turned out that Kusandra was none other than Kashchei the Immortal. He appeared before the inhabitants of the reserve wrapped in a mantle. It was the curtain that Grandmother Grandpa was knitting for so long. The old woman was outraged that her work was stolen by a scoundrel. Kashchei Immortal reported that he had seized power now. After that, he showed the goat and said that it was into him that he turned the Tsarevich. Kashchei wanted to close the reserve and make the inhabitants return to the legendary era, where they were all from. The inhabitants of the reserve did not want to, because there were a lot of evil and cruel creatures.

For Kashchei the Immortal, evil and cruelty were much closer and more understandable than kindness and mutual understanding. Therefore, he did not want to live in the reserve, he wanted to return to his native atmosphere. Kashchei and his accomplices wanted to get everyone to go to the time machine to move to the past, to the legendary era. But, fortunately, the inhabitants opposed. They realized that all together is much stronger than a single evil wizard, even if very powerful. They repulsed the villain. As a result, Kashchei the Immortal fled, went to the past alone. The cat in boots and the Gray Wolf realized instantly that they had lost their patron, and began to try to earn the forgiveness of their neighbors, they wanted to show how obedient, kind and good they were. The inhabitants of the reserve decided that they themselves would sort it out. And Alisa went home,

All the characters are interesting. The inhabitants of the reserve are fairy-tale heroes. They are shown by the writer in the plot of the modern fairy tale, the main character of which is a girl from the future Alisa Selezneva. She stands up for the protection of fairy-tale heroes. The writer skillfully combines the genre of fiction and folklore. As a result, an amazing work appears, in which the motifs of ancient fairy tales and modern color are combined.

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Summary “The reserve of fairy tales” Bulychev