Summary “Thick and thin”

The satirical story “Thick and thin” by Anton Chekhov wrote in 1883. In the work, the author ridicules the existing human vices in any society: hypocrisy and “riches”. For the first time Chekhov’s story “Thick and thin” was published in the humorous edition of “Shards”.

Main characters

Porphyry is a thin, collegiate assessor.

Misha is a thick, secret adviser.


Two friends of childhood met at the station of the Nikolayevskaya Railway: one fat Misha, the other thin Porfiry. The friends were “pleasantly overwhelmed by the meeting” and joyfully greeted each other.

Slim began to recall how he and Misha studied at the gymnasium, introducing the fat one to his family – his wife, Louise and his son, the schoolboy Nathaniel. Porphyry tells that he serves the second year as a collegiate assessor and “has Stanislaus”, and in his spare time he makes cigarette cases

from wood.

However, when the subtle finds out that his friend has risen to the secret counselor and “has two stars”, then his eyes are changing. He “suddenly turned pale, petrified,” “cringed, hunched, narrowed,” began to address a friend “Your Excellency” and helpfully giggle. Tolsty frowned, not understanding, “what’s the point of this ranking?” However, the thin could no longer get rid of the obsequious tone and faithful expression.

I almost vomited from the secret counselor I saw. “He turned away from the thin and gave him a good-bye farewell.” “Thin shook three fingers, bowed all over the trunk,” his “wife smiled.” Nathanael shuffled his foot. ” “All three were pleasantly stunned.”


In the story “Thick and thin” Chekhov reflects on the fact that a person in any situation must remain a man – regardless of what position in society he takes. For the subtle the main was the rank of his interlocutor, so their meeting with a close friend ended so soon.

We recommend not to dwell on a brief retelling of Tolstoy and the Thin, but to read the story completely.

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Summary “Thick and thin”