“The Ordinary Miracle” of Schwartz in brief summary

Manor in the Carpathian Mountains. Here, after marrying and deciding to settle down and take up farming, a wizard settled. He is in love with his wife and promises to live like everyone else, but the soul asks for something magical, and the owner of the estate is unable to keep from “pranks.” And now the Mistress realizes that her husband has started new miracles. It turns out that the house is about to arrive uneasy guests.

The young man appears first. To the Mistress’s question, as his name is, he answers: Bear. The wizard, informing his wife that it is precisely because of the young man that amazing events will begin, admits: seven years ago he turned a young bear into a man met in the forest. The hostess can not stand, when “for the sake of their own fun they torture the animals,” and begs her husband to make the young man bear again and let him go free. It turns out that this is possible, but only if a princess falls in love with a young man

and kisses him, the mistress feels sorry for the unknown girl, she is frightened by the dangerous game her husband started.

Meanwhile, the sound of a pipe announcing the arrival of new guests is heard. It was passing by the King suddenly wanted to turn into a manor. The owner warns that now they will see a rude and ugly person. However, the King who entered was at first polite and polite. True, he soon gets a confession that he is a despot, vindictive and capricious. But twelve generations of ancestors are to blame for this, because of them, he is kind and clever by nature, sometimes gets up such that even though cry!

After an unsuccessful attempt to treat the hosts with poisoned wine, the King, declaring that his late uncle was guilty, says that the Princess, his daughter, has not inherited the villainous family inclinations; she is kind and even softens his own cruel temper. The host escorts the guest to the rooms intended for him.

The Princess enters the house and encounters Bear in the doorway. Between the young people immediately there is sympathy. The princess is not used to simple and cordial

treatment, she likes to talk with Medved.

There are sounds of pipes – the royal suite is approaching. A young man and a girl run away holding hands. “Well, the hurricane struck, love has come!” – says the hostess who heard them.

Appear courtiers. All of them: the First Minister, and the First Cavalry Lady, and the maids of honor are shuddered by the Minister-Administrator, who, knowing how to please the King in everything, completely subordinated him to himself, and keeps the suite in a black body. The entered Administrator, looking into the notebook, calculates the income. Winking to the Mistress, he appoints her without a foreword to a love meeting, but upon learning that her husband is a magician and can turn him into a rat, he apologizes and rages at the appearing courtiers.

In the meantime, the King enters into the room first with the Boss, then the Princess and the Bear. Noticing the joy on his daughter’s face, the King understands that the reason for this new acquaintance. He is ready to give the young man a title and take him with him on a journey. Princess admits that the young man became her best friend, she is ready to kiss him. But, realizing who she is, the Bear runs away in horror and despair. Princess in confusion. She leaves the room. The king is going to execute the courtiers, if none of them can advise him how to help the Princess. The executioner is ready. Suddenly the door swings open, on the threshold appears Princess in a man’s dress, with a sword and pistols. She orders me to saddle my horse, says goodbye to my father and disappears. The horse can hear the sound of horses. The king rushes after him, ordering his retinue to follow him. “Well, are you satisfied?” the Mistress asks the Mistress. “Highly!

On a winter night, the owner of the inn “Emilia” sadly recalls the girl whom she once loved and after whom she named her institution. He still dreams of meeting her. At the door they knock. The innkeeper lets in the snow-covered travelers – this is the King searching for his daughter and his retinue.

Meanwhile, the Princess is in this house. Dressed as a boy, she went on as a pupil to the hunter who lives here.

While the innkeeper arranges for the rest of his guests, is Bear. A little later he meets the Princess, but does not recognize her in a man’s suit. He tells that he escaped from the love of a girl very much like a new acquaintance and, it seems to him, also in love with him. The princess ridicules the Bear. The outbreak of the dispute ends in a battle with swords. Making a lunge, the young man knocks off his hat from the opponent – the braids fall, the masquerade is over. The girl is offended by the Bear and is ready to die, but to prove to him that he does not care about her. The bear wants to run again. But the house is carried by snow to the roof itself, it is impossible to get out.

Meanwhile, Innkeeper discovers that the First Cavalry Lady is Emilia, lost to them. There is an explanation and reconciliation. The king is happy that his daughter was found, but seeing her sad, demands that one of the courtiers go to comfort her. The lot falls to the Administrator, who is terribly afraid that the Princess will simply shoot him. However, he returns alive and in addition to the unexpected news – the royal daughter decided to marry him! The furious Bear immediately makes an offer to the two maid of honor at once. The Princess appears in her wedding dress: a wedding in an hour! The young man seeks permission to talk to her privately and reveals his secret to him: at the behest of the wizard, he will turn into a bear, as soon as he kisses her, that is the reason for his flight. The princess leaves in despair.

Suddenly, music is heard, windows are flung open, behind them is not snow, but blossoming glades. The cheerful Buster breaks in, but his joy quickly fades: the expected miracle did not happen. “How dare you not to kiss her?” He asks the Bear. “You did not love the girl!”

The owner leaves. Outside the windows again the snow. Completely depressed, the Bear appeals to the hunter who entered, asking if he does not want to kill the hundredth bear, for he will still find the Princess, kiss her and become a beast. After hesitating, the hunter agrees to take advantage of the “courtesy” of the young man.

A year has passed. The innkeeper married his beloved Emilia. The bear disappeared unbeknownst to: the magician’s sorcery does not let him in to the Princess. And the girl is ill because of unhappy love and is about to die. All the courtiers are in deep sorrow. Only the Administrator, although his wedding did not take place, became even richer and more impudent, and does not believe in death from love.

The princess wants to say goodbye to her friends and asks to brighten up her last moments. Among those present and the Host with the Mistress. In the depths of the garden footsteps are heard – Bear still got here! The princess is happy and admits that she loves and forgives him, let him turn into a bear, if only he does not go away. She hugs and kisses the boy. There is a thunderclap, for a moment darkness reigns, then the light flashes, and everyone sees that Bear has remained a man. The wizard is ecstatic: the miracle has happened! In his joys, he turns the Administrator bored into all into a rat and is ready to create new miracles, “so as not to burst from an excess of strength.”

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“The Ordinary Miracle” of Schwartz in brief summary