Summary of Turgenev’s Living Powers

For a hunter, rain is a real calamity. Such a disaster we suffered with Ermolai during the hunting for black grouses in Belevsky district. Finally, Ermolai suggested that Alexeyevka, owned by my mother, go to the farm, the existence of which I had never suspected before. When the hamlet was an old outbuilding, uninhabited and clean, in which I spent the night. The next day I woke up early and went into the overgrown garden. Nearby, I noticed an apiary, a narrow path led to it. Approaching the apiary, I saw beside it a wicker shed, and looked into the half-open door. In the corner I noticed a stage and a small figure on them.

I already walked away, when suddenly a weak, slow and hoarse voice called to me by the name: “Barin, Pyotr Petrovich!”. I approached and was dumbfounded. Before me lay a creature with a dried, bronzed head. The nose is narrow, like the blade of a knife, the lips are almost invisible, only teeth and eyes whiten, and strands of yellow hair from under

the scarf. From under the blanket you can see two tiny dried-up hands. The face was not ugly, even beautiful, but terrible for its unusual.

It turned out that this creature was once Lukerya, the first beauty in our yard, a dancer and a songbird, over which I, a 16-year-old boy, secretly sighed. Lukerya told about her misfortune. Six or seven years ago Lukeyu was engaged to Vasilii Polyakov. One night she went out on to the porch, and she thought Vasin had a voice. She collapsed, she fell from the porch. From the bottom of the beginning Lukerya wither and dry, legs refused. No doctor could not help her. At the end, it completely ossified, and she was transported to this village. And Vasily Polyakov exerted, and married another.

In the summer Lukerya lies in a shed, and in winter it is transferred to the waiting room. She said that she hardly eats, lies, watches the world around her. She taught herself not to think and not to remember – so the time passes quickly. He will read the prayers that he knows, and again he lies without any thought. I offered to take her to the hospital, where she would be

well looked after, but Lukerya refused. Accustomed to the darkness, I clearly distinguished her features, and even could find on this face traces of former beauty.

Lukerya complained that she was not sleeping much because of the pain in her whole body, but if she fell asleep, then her dreams were strange. Once Lukernya dreamed that she was sitting on the big road in the clothes of a pilgrim pilgrim. A crowd of wanderers passes by, and a woman is between them, a head taller than the others. The dress on it is not Russian and the face is strict, Lukerya asked the woman who she is, and the woman answered that she was her death. She began to ask Lukerya death to take her with him, and death said that she would come after her after petting. Only, it happens, a whole week will pass, and Lukerya will not fall asleep once. Once passing the lady left her cork with medicine for insomnia, but only long drank that bottle. I guessed that it was opium, and promised to get her such a bottle.

I could not help but marvel at her courage and patience. Lukerya objected that many people suffered more than she did. After a pause, I asked how old she was. It turned out that Lukerye was not yet 30. I said goodbye and asked if she needed anything. Lukerya asked only that my mother reduce the rent for local peasants, but for herself nothing.

On the same day, I learned from the farmstead of the tenth that Lukeryu was nicknamed “Living Power” in the village, and there is no worry from her. A few weeks later I learned that Lukerya died, just after the petrovki. All day before her death, she heard a bell ringing from the sky. Peredkazala Julia Peskovaya

A real disaster for a hunter is rain. We with Ermolae just under him and hit when we were on the hunt in Belevsky district. We went with him to the Alekseevka village then. As it turned out, it belonged to my mother. There in the wing we spent the night, waiting for the rain. In the morning I went out into a little wild garden, walked along a narrow path to the apiary. Next to it was a shed, inside of which I saw a stage and a figure on them.

I was about to leave, but a weak, hoarse voice called me. I looked closely and was dumbfounded. Before me was Lukerya, once the first beauty, by which I sighed with a sixteen-year-old teenager. And now she turned into a creature with a withered head and tiny handles, from which yellow hair strands emerged from under the scarf.

She said that, after her engagement with Vasily Polyakov, she somehow came out on his voice and stumbled off the porch. Her legs were refused and she was completely ruined. No one could help. A married couple got a little bit and married a rival. So she lives now, trying to pray, and not think about anything, so that time flew faster. I wanted to take her to the hospital, but she refused.

Looking at it in the shadows of the shed, I could even recognize on this face the reflection of its former beauty. She complained to me that her whole body hurts, so she hardly sleeps. But, if you fall asleep, you will always dream of something outlandish, incomprehensible. So, once it seemed to her that she was a pilgrim pilgrim, sitting on the big road. In the passing crowd of wanderers, she saw a woman who was on her head above other people. In a Russian dress, with a stern face, she approached Lukerye. She asked the stranger who she was, and this woman answered that she was Lukeryin’s death. This lady-in-law promised to come for the patient after the petrovki. Only for weeks now Lukerya does not sleep. The mistress of a carriage alone left her a jar of medicine, which helped against insomnia, but that little bottle was already empty.

I immediately realized that the lady left the medicine, and promised to bring Lukerye more opium. I was amazed at her patience and courage. But she spoke in response to the fact that many more great sufferings were tolerated with humility. Saying good-bye, I asked if she needed anything. But the woman again started talking about others, asking to lower the rent for the peasants.

That same day, the tenth in the village told me that Lukerya was long called “Living Power”. And she died in akkurat after petrovki. And all day long she could hear the bells ringing, which descended from heaven.

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Summary of Turgenev’s Living Powers