Summary “Sherlock Holmes at the death”

Dr. Watson is approached by the agitated landlady of Sherlock Holmes, Mrs. Hudson. Her guest is dying. For three days he refused to eat and does not allow to invite a doctor, agreed only to call Dr. Watson.

Worried Dr. Watson finds his friend in a terrible state. The great detective has contracted a deadly virus and needs to stay away from him. Dr. Watson wants to invite the best virus specialist, but Holmes so protests that Watson gets scared.

The patient falls asleep, and Watson looks at the things in the room. His attention is attracted by an amusing ivory box, but when he takes it in his hand to get a better look, Holmes publishes a terrible scream and demands that Watson immediately put it in place and does not touch his things. Then Holmes begins to bear nonsense. Finally he asks to bring Mr. Calverton Smith, a plantation worker from Sumatra, where the epidemic of the virus broke out. Smith seriously tackled this problem, and Holmes believes that only he can save him.

Smith turns out to be a small, twisted, rickety and spiteful man. After hearing Dr. Watson, Smith comes to the great detective. Holmes tells Watson to hide behind the head of the bed, do not move and do not give himself out under any circumstances.

Smith promises to cure Holmes if he stops investigating the death of his nephew. Smith suggests that Holmes received a mail box (which was picked up by Dr. Watson), opened it, was scratched and infected with a deadly virus. Holmes asks to fulfill his death request and light the light. At this time a police inspector enters the room, and Holmes, who comes to life, demands matches and cigarettes.

Holmes wanted to prove that Smith had killed his nephew because of his inheritance, and for this he pretended to be dying. Dr. Watson can not pretend, so you had to convince him. After getting up from bed after a three-day fast, the great detective is going to go to a good restaurant.

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Summary “Sherlock Holmes at the death”