Summary “Five from a single pod”

Summary “Five from a single pod”

There were five peas in the pod; they themselves were green, the pod too green, well, they thought that the whole world was green; it should have been so! The pod grew, peas grew; they adjusted to the room and sat in a row. The sun lit and warmed the pod, the rain watered it, and it became more and more clear, more transparent; the peas were nice and cozy, light in the daytime and dark at night, as it should. They all grew and grew and more and more thought, sitting in a pod, – something yes it was necessary to do!

“Is it a century to sit here?” they said. “How could we not become stiff from such a sitting.” And it seems to us, there is something behind our pod! We already have a presentiment!

Several weeks passed; The peas turned yellow, the pod

also turned yellow.

– The whole world turns yellow! – they said, and who would prevent them from saying that?

Suddenly they felt a strong push: the pod was torn off with a human hand and put into a pocket, to other pods.

“Well, now we’ll be released soon!” said the peas and waited.

– And I would like to know which of us will go the farthest! – said the smallest. – However, soon we will see!

– Come what may! said the biggest one.

– Krak! – the pod burst, and all five peas poured out into the bright sun. They lay on the child’s palm; a little boy looked at them and said that they would be useful to him for shooting from an elder’s straw. And now one pea already found itself in the tube, the boy blew, and she flew out.

“I fly, fly, wherever I want!” Catch whoever can! she cried, and her trace caught cold.

– And I’ll fly directly to the sun; this is a real pod! Just for me! said another. I caught a trace of her.

– And we where we will come, there and we shall fall asleep! said the following two. “But we’ll just get to something!” “They really did ride on the floor before they got into the elder’s pipe, but still got into it.” –

We will go the farthest!

– Come what may! – said the latter, flew up, hit the old wooden roof and rolled into the crevice just under the window of the attic chamber.

In the cracks there was moss and loose earth, moss covered a pea; so she stayed there, hidden, but not forgotten by God.

– Come what may! she was saying.

And in the closet lived a poor woman. She went to day-work: she cleaned the stoves, sawed wood, performed all sorts of hard work in a word; She had enough forces, she did not want to work either, but she did not get out of want! At home she had her only daughter, a teenager. She was so skinny, frail; the whole year already lay in bed: she did not live or die.

“She will go to her sister,” her mother said. “I’ve had two of them, after all.” It was hard for me to feed two; Well, here the Lord God also has divided with me care, has taken one to itself! I would like to save the other one, but apparently he does not want to separate his sisters!

But the sick girl did not die; patiently, quietly she lay day and day in bed while her mother was at work.

It was in the spring, early in the morning, just before my mother left for work. The sun shone through a small window directly to the floor, and the sick girl looked at the window.

“What’s that green outside the window?” And it swayed from the wind!

Mother went to the window and opened it.

– Look at you! – she said. – Yes this pea let off sprouts! And how did she go here in the crack? Well, now you will have your own garden!

Pulling the cot closer to the window so that the girl could admire the green sprout, her mother went to work.

– Mom, I think I’ll get better! said the girl in the evening. “The sun has so warmed me today.” Goroshinka, you see how gloriously growing in the sun? I will also get well, start to get up and go out into the sun.

“God grant it!” said her mother, but she did not believe that this would come true.

However, she propped up a green sprout, encouraging the girl, with a small stick so that it would not break from the wind; Then she took a thin rope and attached one end to the roof, and another tied it to the top edge of the window frame. For this rope the pea shoots could cling when they grow up. And so it happened: the shoots grew noticeably and crawled up the rope.

“Look, it will blossom soon!” – said the woman one morning and from this moment also began to hope and believe that the sick girl will recover.

She remembered that the girl recently spoke as if alive, in the mornings she herself rose on the bed and sat for a long time, admiring her garden, where a single pea grew, and how her eyes glittered! A week later, the patient first got out of bed for an hour. How happy she was to sit in the sun! The window was opened, and outside the window a white-pink flower blossomed. The girl leaned out into the window and tenderly kissed the delicate petals. This day was a real holiday for her.

– The Lord himself planted and nurtured a flower to cheer and please you, dear child, and me too! said the happy mother and smiled like a heavenly angel.

Well, and others are peas? The one that flew where she wanted, – catch, they say, who can – fell into the gutter, and from there into the pigeon’s corn and lay there, like Jonah in the womb of the whale. Two sloths went no further – they were swallowed up by pigeons, which means they also brought considerable benefits. And the fourth that was going to fly into the sun, fell into a ditch and lay a few weeks in musty water, until it swelled.

“How nice I am!” said the pea. – Right, I’ll burst soon, and more, I think, failed to reach any pea. I’m the most wonderful of all five!

Ditch was with her quite agree.

And at the window that faced the roof stood a girl with shining eyes, ruddy and healthy; she folded her arms and thanked God for the flower of peas.

– And I’m still standing for my pea! said the ditch.

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Summary “Five from a single pod”