Summary of “Emma”

Summary of “Emma”

Pekashinsky muzhik Stepan Andreyevitch Stavrov cut down the house on the slope of the mountain, in the cool twilight of a huge larch. Yes, not a house – a two-story house with a small side shelter in addition.

There was a war. In Pekashino there were old people, children and women. Without a look in their eyes, the buildings collapsed and fell apart. But Stavrov’s house is strong, solid, for all time. The old man was knocked down by the funeral of his son. He remained with the old woman and grandson of Egorsha.

Did not pass the trouble and the family of Anna Pryaslina: his husband Ivan died, the only breadwinner. And Anna’s children are small small less – Mishka, Lizka, twins Petya with Grishka, Fedyushka and Tatyanka. In the village the woman was called

Anna-doll. She was small and thin, with a good face, but no female worker. Two days have passed since the funeral was received and the elder sat down at the father’s place at the table, Mishka. Mother brushed the tear from her face and nodded her head in silence.

She herself could not pull the guys out. She and so to fulfill the norm, stayed up till the night on the plowed field. One day, when they worked with their wives, they saw a stranger. A hand in a sling. It turned out he was from the front. I sat and talked with the women about the collective farm life, and I was asked to call him how to call him, and from what village he was. “Lukashin,” he answered, “Ivan Dmitrievich.” I have been sent to the sowing post for you from the District Committee. “

The sowing was oh and difficult. There are not many people, but from the district committee it is ordered to increase the area under crops: the front needs bread. Unexpectedly for everyone, the irreplaceable worker was Mishka Pryaslin. Something I did not do in my fourteen years. In the collective farm he worked for an adult man, and even for a family. His sister, a twelve-year-old Lizka, was also full of trouble and trouble. Stove the furnace, cope with the cow, feed the children, clean it in the hut, wash the laundry.

For sowing

– mowing, then harvesting. The chairman of the collective farm Anfisa Minina returned to her empty cottage late at night and, without undressing, fell on the bed. And a little light, she is already on her feet – milking a cow, and she herself with fear thinks that the kolkhoz pantry ends with bread. And all the same – happy. Because I remember how I spoke to Ivan Dmitrievich on the board.

Autumn is not far off. The boys will go to school soon, and Mishka Pryaslin – to logging. We must pull the family. Dyunyasha Inyahina decided to study at the technical school. Gave Misha a farewell to a lace handkerchief.

The reports from the front are more and more alarming. The Germans have already reached the Volga. And in the district committee, finally, responded to the urgent request of Lukashin – they let go of the war. He wanted to finally explain with Anfisa, but it did not work out. In the morning, she purposely left for the haypole, and Varvara Inyahina came there to her. She swore to all, that she had nothing with Lukashin. Anfisa rushed to the translation, at the very water jumped from her horse to the wet sand. On that shore the figure of Lukashin flashed and melted.

Two winters and three summers

Mishka Pryaslin did not have long to live at home. From autumn to spring – on logging, then rafting, then suffering, then again the forest. And how will appear in Pekashina – women are piled: this fix the roof, then lift the door. There are no peasants in Pekashino.

This time, as always, houses were waiting for him. Mishka came with a cart of hay, asked about the guys, screamed for omissions, then took out the presents – Egorsha Stavrov, the best friend, gave him his manufactured goods. But the guys reacted to the gifts with restraint. But when he took out a loaf of rye bread. For many years, there was no such wealth in their house – they ate moss, poured a pine sapwood in a mortar.

The younger sister laid out the news: tomorrow in the morning the women will drive a cow into a silo pit. The trick is this: you can not drive a collective farm cattle, but if you bring it under an accident and draw up an act. The chairwoman started on such expense because the women demanded: it’s summer, and they never celebrated the victory. In the feast Anfisa got up and drank for Mishka – he stood up for the first peasant during the whole war! All the women splashed him from their glasses, and as a result, the guy found himself on the beetles at Varvara Inyahina.

When Anna Pryaslina found out that her son was going to Varvara, she started to swear at first, then she began to take pity: “Misha, pity us.” She spoke up the chairman, and, in a word, it began that Varvara went to live in the district center. With the new husband.

What torments Pekashintsy did not take for the war, but for the forest – all flour for flour. The adolescents were removed from school, the old men were sent, and there was no discount for the women. If you die in the forest, give me a plan. “Endure, women,” Anfisa repeated, “the war will end.” And the war was over, the assignment was more than the previous one. The country needs to be rebuilt – the secretary of the district committee, Comrade Podrezov, explained.

In the autumn, in addition, hand over taxes: grain, wool, skin, eggs, milk, meat. The explanation for taxes is different – the city needs to be fed. Well, clearly, the city can not eat meat. So think, man, how much will be given for workdays: but what if nothing? In the south of the drought, the state should take the bread from somewhere. Party members have already been summoned to the board on the issue of voluntary surrender of grain.

A little while later the government announced a loan law. Ganichev, the district commissioner, warned: above the control figure can be, and below it is impossible. With this and went to the huts. Yakovlevs were not given a penny – the subscription began badly. Petr Zhitov offered to give three of his monthly earnings, ninety workdays, which in money was 13 rubles 50 cents. I had to scare the dismissal of my wife (she worked as a bookkeeper). The house of Ilya Netesov was left at last – his man, a communist. Ilya and his wife were hoarded on a goat, the children are full of a house. Ganichev began agitating about consciousness, and Ilya did not fail, signed for one thousand two hundred, preferred state interest to the individual.

Since the beginning of navigation, the first two tractors have arrived in the region. On one of them sat Yegorsha Stavrov, who had graduated from the mechanization course. Mishka Pryaslin was appointed brigadier, and Lisa went to work in the forest. The chairman in Pekashino was Lukashin, who had returned from the front.

There was joy in the Spinning. In this suffering, a whole spinning brigade left for the mowing. Mother, Anna, looked at the moor – here it is, its holiday! Equal to Michael mowers in Pekashino is not long ago, and Lizka is mowing for envy. But after all, twins, Peter and Grisha, both with their skins.

The news of trouble brought them Lukashin: Zvezdnia fell ill. The nurse had to be stabbed. And life changed. The second cow they could not see. Then Yegorsha Stavrov came to Lizka and said that by the evening he would bring a cow out of the area. But so Lizka would marry him then. Liza Egorsha liked. She thought that after all, Semyonovna, a neighbor in the sixteenth year, was given away, and nothing, she lived her life. And agreed.

At the wedding, Ilya Netesov told Mikhail that his eldest daughter, Valya’s father, was ill with tuberculosis. The goat was attacked.

Mikhail spared his sister and never told her, but he himself knew what Egorsha had married because of her-to take her old grandfather to her, dumb, and to be a free Cossack himself. But how she loves him – it’s worth talking about Egorsha, how his eyes will glisten, the face of the razgo-

Riches. But he betrayed her, went into the army immediately after the wedding. His privilege ceased to function. It is doubtful.

The next letter from her husband Liza sat down to read, as usual, washed, smoothly combed, with her son on her arm. My husband told me that he was staying for a long-term service. Lizaveta got furious. If it were not for Vasilissa’s son, not a father-in-law, who would break herself.

And Anfisa and Ivan were assigned by the secretary of the district committee of Podrezov. In the morning I fell into the house, then went with Lukashin to watch the house. They returned, sat down to dinner (with dinner Anfisa tried – the owner of the area after all), drank, and then Anfisa burst out: after the war six years have passed, and the women still have not seen the piece.

Cropped with this you will not get. He had previously said to Lukashin that he had taken his wife from the chairmen behind the woman’s pity. For each she intercedes, and who will plan to give? We are soldiers, not patrons.

Podrezov could convince people, especially as he could do everything himself: plow, sow, build, send the net. Cool, but the boss.

Lizka has a new misfortune – her father-in-law was brought with a mowing at death. He immediately as he could speak, asked the authorities to call. And when Anfisa came, he ordered to make a paper: the whole house and all the buildings were to Liza. He loved Stepan Andreyanovich as his own.

At the grandfather’s funeral, Yegorsha came drunk: he began to commemorate in good time. But, as he sobered up and played enough with his son Vasya, he took up business. I replaced the steps, I rejuvenated the porch, the bath, the gate. However, most of the ahs and ohs were in the Pekashintsy, when he picked up on the house ohlupen with a horse – a grandfather venture. And on the seventh day I got bored.

The new cowshed in Pekashino was planted quickly, and then how it zakolodilo. Lukashin understood that the main hitch was in the peasants. When, from what time did their axes become dull?

Lukashin went home to persuade carpenters to go out to the cowshed. Those – in any. Contracted ORSu loads carry – and bread, and monetary. And what on the collective farm? But the beast will wake up in winter. And Lukashin decided to write to them for fifteen kilograms of rye. I just asked him to be quiet. But in the village everyone will know. The women rushed to the grain warehouse, raised the or, and here, in trouble, brought an authorized Ganichev. Lukashin was arrested for squandering collective farm bread during the grain procurement period.

Mikhail Pryaslin started writing a letter in defense of the chairman. But dear fellow countrymen though the chairman also praised, and only Mishka signed himself and one more person from all Pekashina. Yes, Lisa’s sister, although her husband forbade it. Here Yegorsha showed himself: if you are a brother more than a husband, it’s a happy thing to stay. And left.

In the morning Rajechka Klevakina came and also signed her name. So Mishkino ended his bachelor life. For a long time Raisa did not hurt his heart-everything could not forget Varvara. And now for five months everything has been decided forever.

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Summary of “Emma”