Summary of Confessions of a Mask

Summary of Confessions of a Mask

Yukio Mishima could have died at the age of five, but survived. He could become a goldsmith, but he did not. He could have been made a kamikaze, but he was fortunate enough to slip from the army. He could do many things, but he chose to become an extraordinary person. Something such pressed on him from the inside, not allowing you to calmly spend even one evening. Mishima was vitally necessary for shocking and constant attention. He burned brightly and still burned, having committed hara-kiri, sprinkling the floor of the US military base with his own severed head. At forty-five, he passed away, and his confession was written long before that. It may seem that there was no mask – it was just a pseudonym of Yukio Mishima, owned by Kimitake Hiraoke.

Why is not Mishima an existentialist?

His style is not so far from the style of Hermann Hesse, only Mishima was a more integral personality and did not come up with a new name each time. Although it is not necessary to talk about Mishima’s integrity, he was like a changeable wind. Only a few passions Yukio did not change – homosexuality and masturbation: they always stood in a place of honor. Thanks to the Confessions of a Mask, the reader can learn how the personality of the author who decided to tell the truth about himself was formed. And maybe Yukio lied? He can not be trusted – he could tell about anything to attract attention.

In the eyes of the reader grows personality, brought up by a severe grandmother and eventually became a suspicious and narcissistic kind. This person did not want to be like the environment – his aspirations always conflicted with public opinion. Can children dream of a goldsmith’s profession? But Yukio dreamed. And not only about this, but also about a lot of things, about which it was not accepted to dream. Of course, the Japanese maintain a lot of tolerance, being almost a single whole, where the role of the individual practically does not matter. And in this regard, Mishima soared above the ordinary, drawing attention to his person.

Yukio was sick from childhood. Hardly dying, he could no

longer be in the sun for more than 30 minutes. Shaky physical health was aggravated by mental disorders. He read and fantasized a lot. He liked to kill invented heroes in the most sophisticated ways. About cravings for the male sex is better Mishima no one will tell. The very thrust within the allowed, but the attention of Yukio attracted other aspects, rather perverted. He destroyed himself from a young age, not suspecting the possibility of a deadly breakdown.

To collect in one place so much ugly, without adding positive moments to the text, is itself suspicious. Why did the author of the text so persistently tried to tell on the pages about himself only in such shades, not seeking to find anything normal? You can not believe in such a confession. However, the reader is free to rely on the honesty of the author, if he so wants. But is it worth to attach importance to someone’s thoughts, if they are filled with falsehood? It’s also not necessary to talk about honesty. Do not allow to hang noodles on your ears.

Epatage was a success. The public said Mishima believed. He was elevated to Olympus and awarded the laurel wreath of the winner. He honestly ran to the stadium naked, as required at the Olympic Games. He let them masturbate a little while and looked at the men gathered around them, inhaling their sweat and giving them acceleration. The main thing in life is not honor and respect, but attention at any cost. Let it be necessary to pour a bucket of stool for yourself. Not really, but indirectly, Mishima became a goldsmith after all.

Summary of Confessions of a Mask