Summary “Cheremish brother of the hero” Cassil

Summary “Cheremish brother of the hero” Cassil

In the fifth grade of one of the schools in Severyansk comes a new boy Gesha Cheremish. Classmates and teachers are delighted, because the new student is the brother of the heroic pilot Klimentii Cheremysh. Gesha is becoming popular. First-graders and high school students look in the classroom to look at the hero’s brother. For persuasiveness, Gesha demonstrates to everyone a letter from his brother signed by “Cheremish.” Teachers seem strange that the pilot-hero gave his brother to the orphanage. Gesha explains that his brother lives in a hostel, but as soon as he settles down, he immediately takes him to his place.

Klimenty Cheremish distinguished himself in the Far East. Then he was a test pilot, was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and became one

of the best Soviet pilots. He undertook the most difficult and responsible tasks, flew to the most remote areas, set records.

Now Gesha’s classmates remember that they too have older brothers, wonderful people. Gesha receives letters from Moscow from his brother rarely. He reads them secretly, does not show anyone and collects all the articles about the pilot-hero from newspapers and magazines. To match his brother, the boy has to learn well, do not play pranks and do not participate in the tricks of classmates.

Winter in Severyansk comes early, and with its arrival an ice rink opens. Gesha is an excellent skater and hockey player. There are two hockey teams in the school, one of which is “girly”. The captain of boys is chosen Gesha, and the captain of the girls is the head of the class Anya Baratova.

Klimentii Cheremish makes a non-stop flight from Sevastopol to Chukotka, but during the flight, unexpectedly breaks off communication with the brave pilot. There is no face on Geshe. Students are afraid to look at it, and teachers do not ask at lessons. And then comes the news that Klimentiy Cheremish landed safely and set a new record.

Elections begin in the country to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. From the Northern District, Klimenty Cheremish was nominated. The guys begin to worry that another

district will intercept the hero, but the pilot agrees to run in their district. With Gesha something strange begins to happen. He becomes distracted, avoids his comrades. To entertain him, the guys decide to arrange a friendly match in hockey.

Two days before the match comes the news that Klimenty Cheremish himself arrives in the city. Gesha becomes more and more strange. On the day of the arrival of the hero, when the guys with the residents of the city are going to go to the station, he disappears.

At the station, decorated with flags and banners, Anya Baratova utters a solemn speech. Everyone is surprised why the pilot does not ask about his brother. In the evening she receives a note from Gesha asking to meet. Gesha confesses that Klimentiy Cheremish is just his namesake, and he receives letters from Moscow from his own sister Claudia. Admiring the hero, Gesha fantasized that they were brothers. To help Gesha, Anya offers to go to the pilot and tell him everything.

It’s not easy to get through to the hero: he is constantly called, comes, and Anya during the meeting has time to only invite the pilot to a hockey game.

Now Gesha is in meditation: to come to the match – to get embarrassed, and not to come – to lead the team. He decides to hide in order to watch the game, and then leave.

Seeing that the girls win with a score of 3: 0, Gesha does not stand up and runs out onto the ice. The score is already 3: 2, but then the ball flies over the edge. Anya rushes after him and, not noticing the polynyas, falls through the ice. Trying to help her, Gesha falls through himself. The pilot rushes to help the guys, jumps into the icy water and pulls them out.

Klimentii brings Gesha to his hotel. Recovering himself, Gesha tells the brave pilot how he imagined himself to be his brother. Come to see his classmates Gesha confesses in sham with shame.

The brave pilot encourages the guys not to judge a comrade for a dream and takes patronage over their class.

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Summary “Cheremish brother of the hero” Cassil