Summary “Five women who surrendered to love”

It was arranged, especially the daughter-in-law – after all she did not see anything further than her nose! Seijuro decided to steal ONATSu and flee with her to Kyoto, they hurried to seize the boat, sailing away before sunset. They only sailed in a boat full of all the people-there was a salesman, a soothsayer, a spellcaster, and a gunsmith, just went to sea, as one passenger shouted that he had left his box with letters in the hotel, and the boat turned back, and on bank

Seijou was already waiting, seized, tied up with ropes and taken to Himeji. Seijuro was grieving, feared for his life and for life O-Natsu feared. And in the meantime she prayed to the deity, that in Muro, about the extension of Seijuro days. And then a deity appeared to her in a dream and gave her a wonderful lecture: “Listen, girl, everyone is begging me: then give me money, then a good husband, then kill me, he disgusts me,

Then give me a nose stubborn, evenly – all requests are so

small, if only somebody else wished, but the deity can not do everything, not over everything is powerful. I would listen to my parents and get a good husband, but I gave myself up to love and what suffering you are experiencing now. Your days will be long, but the days of Seijuro are numbered. “And the next morning it turned out that Father O-Natsu had lost a lot of money, was accused of everything

Seijuro, and he accepted death in the prime of life and strength. And then in the summer they shook off the winter dress and found that money unexpectedly and unreasonably. O-Natsu did not know about Seijuro’s death for a long time, but one day the children began singing a cheerful song under her window – and just about the execution of her sweetheart. She lost her mind, ran out into the street and began running and singing along with the children, so she took pity to look at her.

Her servants all one by one also went crazy. Recovering, O-Natsu changed her sixteen-year-old dress to a monastic robe, offered prayers, tore flowers and set them before the Buddha’s altar, and spent all night reading the sutras at the lamp. The money found in the dress was donated by Father O-Natsu to the remembrance of Seijuro’s soul. Novella about a bond that opened its heart of love

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Summary “Five women who surrendered to love”