“Trial period” Nilin in brief summary

“Trial period” Nilin in brief summary

The action takes place in the early 20-ies. in a large Siberian provincial town. Two seventeen-year-old working guys, Egorov and Zaitsev, on a Komsomol voucher directed to work in the criminal investigation department, undergo probation for a month. They both receive invitations to an evening dedicated to the anniversary of the October Revolution. Sister Egorova Katya, one raising three little children, is very pleased with this circumstance: she believes that now Yegorova will be accurately recruited, because it is very respectful in the ticket it says: “Dear Comrade Egorov!” With money put aside for buying boots for children, Katya buys a French jacket and a Russian shirt for her brother, otherwise he has nothing to go on for the evening. On the holiday Egorov meets Zaitsev,

who came with the girl, and somewhat envies him, because Zaitsev in life is much easy to give:

The senior criminal investigation commissioner Zhur, who directs the work of the trainees, takes them with him to the investigation – the investigation of the suicide of the pharmacist Kolomejts. Zaitsev helps Zhou to take the suicide out of the loop, Yegorov writes the protocol. At the moment when Zhur dictates the details of the examination of the corpse, Egorov faints. Waking up, Yegorov comes to the conclusion that he does not serve in the criminal investigation, and is ready to go home, but Zhur does not let him go.

The next day Zhur sent Yegorov to the corpses to check whether the body of the pharmacist was frozen. The watchman of the dead offers Yegorov himself to look for the apothecary, and Yegorov, feeling that he is feeling sick, finds an apothecary, and moreover – having collected the last courage, helps the old guard to put him on the ice. From the dead, he leaves completely without strength.

The same night, Zhur, taking with him trainees and several other criminal investigation officers, went to a serious operation – to search for weapons hidden by the bandits. When they pass by the cemetery, Zhur suddenly confesses to Yegorov that he was also afraid of the deceased before, and Yegorov becomes

closer and clearer to this recognition of Zhur. Zhur, Zaitsev and Yegorov search the house for the merchant Ozhereliev, who gives the tenants rooms, open the floors and find three boxes of weapons. Suddenly a tearful three-year-old boy appears, and the old woman, who is as terrible as a woman, explains that it is “Verkin’s son, and nobody knows where Verka is now.” Yegorov raises the child from the floor, and he holds him tightly around his neck. One of the girls living in the house of Ozhereliev, says to the child: “This is your dad” – and the boy kisses Egorov. After the search, the group leaves, and Yegorov takes the child with him, in order to take him to an orphanage, but for the time being he leads home to his sister. Katya, at first horrified that the brother brought the boy, washing and pridev it, decides to leave the child at home: where three, there are four. The same evening, Yegorov receives his first salary for two worked-out weeks, and Katya arranges a festive dinner.

A criminal investigation officer Vorobeichik tells Zhura how he took Zaitsev on a mission – the detention of the murderer. The assassin, who hacked his wife’s lover with an ax, locked himself in a barn, but Zaitsev, without being frightened by an ax-armed killer, disarmed him and suddenly attacked him, so Vorobeichik barely managed to snatch the killer from his hands. Zhuro does not really like the story of Vorobeichik, and when the killer is led it turns out that this is an old friend of Zhura Afonya Solovyov. Zhur refuses to conduct Solovyov’s case and reprimands Zaitsev for having beaten the arrested man. Zaitsev does not think that he did wrong: if the killer is armed with an ax, you must act resolutely and boldly. “But do not beat the same!” – notes Zhur, but Zaitsev remains at his own opinion. Finally, the trial period is over. At a meeting of the criminal investigation officers, everyone is in favor of leaving Zaytsev to work, only Zhur remarks that Zaitsev is too hot, you need to restrain him a little. As for Yegorov, only Zhur speaks out for him, and then very carefully: “Why do not we try it again?” And then the rest agree that he is nothing, just shy. And Yegorov is given the last task – to go to the “Golden Table” casino. Do it there is nothing you need, just watch. just shy. And Yegorov is given the last task – to go to the “Golden Table” casino. Do it there is nothing you need, just watch. just shy. And Yegorov is given the last task – to go to the “Golden Table” casino. Do it there is nothing you need, just watch.

Egorov, wearing a new jacket, is in the casino, and suddenly a strange man with the eyes of a madman comes up to him, he offers to go out, they go out on a black staircase, Egorov sees some strange, shining eyes in the dark and he hears a sepulchral but slightly familiar voice: “Hands up!” Egorov knocks a pistol out of the hands of an unknown person, struggles with a madman and suddenly hears Vorobeychik’s voice, who decided, it turns out, to play a trick on him with another criminal investigation officer, Yegorov unfamiliar: one pretended to be insane, another put on a terrible mask with luminous eyes. An angry Egorov does not give them a pistol taken from them and escorts jokers to a criminal investigation. However, along the way, Yegorov gives in to their persuasions, returns the gun to them and lets them go, promising not to tell anyone about the incident.

Returning to the criminal investigation department, Yegorov learns that his trial period is over and from tomorrow he and Zaitsev are enrolled in the state.

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“Trial period” Nilin in brief summary