“Little Tales” by Kipling in brief

Why does the whale eat only small fishes

When the whale ate all the fish, a small cunning fish described to him the whole charm of a man’s snack and told him where to find it, but warned that the person was a restless creature. Kit swallowed the sailor along with his raft and suspenders. In the whale’s stomach, the sailor began to run, jump and generally behave very actively, so that the whale felt unwell. When he asked for his prey to get out of his stomach, the sailor promised to think about it, if the whale takes him home, to the white cliffs of Albion. Before going home, the guy put the whale in the throat of a raft of boards and braces, so that he could only eat very, very small fish. A cunning fish swam away and hid in the mud, under the threshold of the equator, because she was afraid that the whale would be angry with her.

How did the hump appear on the back of the camel

When the land was completely new, the animals that helped the man came

to the camel living in the middle of the huge Wailing Desert, and tried to attract him to active work, but he answered only “grb” and scored on their requests. The animals complained to the gin; when the camel told him his usual “grub”, he rewarded him with a hump so that the beast could work 3 days without lunch breaks.

How on the skin of a rhinoceros appeared wrinkles

The Persian fire-worshiper baked sweet bread with raisins, but the rhinoceros drove him to the palm tree and ate all the bread. When the rhinoceros took off all of his smooth skin and went swimming, a man poured stale crumbs and burnt raisins into it. To get rid of tingling, the rhinoceros rubbed against the palm, but only wiped the folds and completely erased the buttons.

How the leopard became spotted

All animals lived in the High Feldt Desert, where they were easily found by hunters: a man and a leopard. To protect themselves, the animals went into the forest and got camouflage stripes and stains. Wise Baboun advised the leopard to acquire spots, and the Ethiopian also make changes in their appearance.

In the forest they caught a zebra and a giraffe; They showed the hunters why they can hear and smell the animals, but they do not see. Efiop turned black and covered the leopard with fingerprints.

Elephant Child

When elephants did not have a trunk, a curious elephant asked many questions, for which it was repeatedly beaten. Finally, he wanted to know what the crocodile was eating. With this question he turned to the crocodile; He grabbed his nose and began to pull him into the water. Python pulled the curious child behind his hind legs, but the nose of the elephant remained elongated. He could get them bananas, as well as chop off all those who had paws before.

Request of the old kangaroo

Kangaroo, who at that time had a fluffy skin and short paws, asked the three gods to make him different from the others, and that everyone should know about him by 5 o’clock in the evening. He took out one of the gods so much that he asked the dingo to chase kangaroos. As a result, the hind legs of the kangaroo stretched out to make it easier to jump. But thank dingo for the purchase of kangaroos refused.

How did armadilloes appear?

Jaguaricha told her inexperienced son about a hedgehog and a turtle, but they managed to confuse the unintelligent, who as a result of hunting only painfully pricked his paw. To escape, the turtle began to learn to curl up, and the hedgehog to swim. As a result of training, the turtle shields parted, and the hedgehogs of the hedgehog stuck together. Jaguarich advised his son to leave them alone and called the new little animals battleships.

How it was written the first letter

A primitive man named Tegulai Bopsulaya broke a spear. While he was repairing him, Tethy’s daughter sent a picture with a stranger to Mom with a request to send a new spear, but she was frightened of strange drawings and lifted the whole village to beat the stranger. So there was the first thought about the need for writing.

How was the first alphabet compiled

Tegumay and Tethy for a few days came up with images of letters: A similar to the open mouth of a carp, U on his tail, about like a stone or open mouth, etc. The letters are joined together in words.

Sea crab that played with the sea

In the most ancient times, the wizard showed the animals how they should play, and they began to play: a beaver in a beaver, a cow in a cow, etc. For an intelligent person this game was too simple. Sea crab decided to pay and sideways into the sea. This was noticed only by the daughter of Adam. The wizard approved the affairs of all animals. But Adam complained of ebbs and tides; it turned out that this is a hooligan Crab. The wizard made him small and deprives armor once a year. The little girl gave her crab her scissors so that he could dig mink and open nuts.

The man was lazy and did not want to row to the shore. To the sea twice a day worked for him, the wizard gave the command to the lunar old man and the rat, which gnawed his net.

A cat that walked by itself

A wise primitive woman tamed animals. The cat who walked where he wanted, watched all this; the woman promised that if the cat would praise him once he could go into the cave, two sit near the fire, three to drink milk 3 times a day. The woman did not want this, but the cat, playing with her baby and catching the mouse, won praise three times, which was witnessed by the skin that covered the entrance, the fire and the lids with milk. But the man concluded his contract with the cat: if he does not always catch mice, the man will throw one of his five things into him, and the dog promised to chase him if he does not caress the child.

Moth who stamped his foot

Suleiman-ibn-Daud had many grumpy wives and one beloved wife Balkis, as well as a magic ring that evoked gins. In the garden he once saw a married couple of moths who quarreled, and the husband claimed that it was enough for him to stamp his foot and the whole palace of Suleiman would disappear. The learned Balkin wife pinned him to stamp, and Suleiman, being in cahoots with his husband, ordered the gins to carry the castle into the air. Thus, not only the moth’s wife was pacified, but also the sultans and scandalmongers.

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“Little Tales” by Kipling in brief