Sashka Kondratyev in brief

“Sasha flew into the grove, shouting” the Germans! Germans! “, in order to prevent their”. Marshal ordered to retreat behind the ravine, there to lie down and not a step back. By that time the Germans were suddenly silent. And the company that took up the defense, too, was quiet in anticipation that a real fight was about to begin. Instead, a young and some triumphant voice began to fool them: “Comrades, in the areas liberated by the German troops, sowing begins, you will have freedom and work. Throw your arms, we will smoke cigarettes…”

Rotm a few minutes later unraveled their game: it was intelligence. And then he gave the order “forward!”.

Sasha, though for the first time in two months that he fought, collided so closely with the Germans, but for some reason he did not feel the fear, but only anger and some hunting rage.

And such luck: in the first battle, a fool, took “language.” The German was

young and snub-nosed. Mouthwashed with him in German and ordered Sashka to lead him to headquarters. It turns out that the Fritz did not say anything important to the mouth. And most importantly, the Germans outsmarted us: while our soldiers listened to German chatter, the Germans left, taking a prisoner from us.

The German walked, often looking back at Sashka, evidently feared that he could shoot him in the back. Here, in the grove along which they walked, many Soviet leaflets lay around. Sasha lifted one, straightened it and gave it to the German – let it be understood, a parasite, that Russians do not mock the captives. The German read and muttered: “Propaganda.” It’s a pity, did not know Sashka German, talked…

At the headquarters of the battalion, none of the commanders were present – all were summoned to the brigade headquarters. But Sashka was not advised to go to the battalion commander, saying: “Katenka killed us yesterday.” When they buried him, it was terrible to look at the battalion commander – he turned black all… “


decided to go to the battalion commander. That Sashka with the orderly ordered to leave. Only the combat commanders heard a voice from the dug-out, and the Germans were not even there. Silence, an infection! And then the battalion commander called to him and ordered: the German – in the expense. Sasha’s eyes darkened. After all, he showed the leaflet where it is written that the prisoners are provided with life and return to their homeland after the war! And yet – did not imagine how to kill someone.

Sashkins objected even more to the battalion commander. Talking with Sasha, he really put the hand on the TT’s arm unequivocally. Order ordered to comply with, on the implementation report. And the orderly Tolik was to follow the execution. But Sashka could not kill the unarmed. I could not, that’s all!

In general, we agreed with Tolik that he would give him the clock from the German, but now that he left. But Sashka decided to send the German to the brigade’s headquarters. Far from that, it’s dangerous – they can count the deserter. But let’s go…

And then, in the field, Sashka caught up with the Fritz battalion commander. He stopped, lit a cigarette… Only minutes before the attack were for Sasha the same terrible. The captain’s eyes met directly – well, shoot, but I’m still right… And he looked sternly, but without malice. Doktoril, and already leaving, he said: “I’ll take the German to the brigade headquarters, I cancel my order.”

Sashka and two other wounded from walking did not get food on the road. Only sell the certificates, which you can only dig at Babin, twenty versts from here. Toward evening, Sasha and his companion Zhora realized that they could not get to Babin today.

The hostess to which she knocked, let her sleep, but she did not have anything to feed, she said. And they themselves, while they were walking, saw: the villages are in desolation. You can not see any cattle, no horses, and there’s nothing to say about the technique. Toughly the collective farmers will spring.

In the morning, waking up early, did not stop. And in Babin learned from the lieutenant, also wounded in the hand, that the point of support here was in winter. And now – they did not know where. And they do not rush off the day! Lieutenant Volodya also went with them.

In the nearest village they rushed to ask for food. My grandfather neither give nor sell the products did not agree, but advised: on the field to dig up the potatoes, which from the autumn has remained, and to press the cakes. Frying pan and salt grandfather singled out. And what seemed inedible rot, was now in the throat for a sweet soul.

When we passed by the potato fields, we saw how other crippled people swarm there, they smoke with bonfires. They are not alone, so they feed themselves.

Sasha and Volodya sat down to smoke, and Zhora went ahead. And soon the explosion crashed ahead. Where from? To the front far… Rushed on the road. Zhora lay about ten paces, already dead: apparently, he turned off the snowdrop from the road…

By the middle of the day they had reached the evacuation hospital. They registered them and sent them to the bathhouse. It would have stayed there, but Volodka was eager to go to Moscow to see his mother. I decided to go home to Sashka, not far from Moscow.

On the way to the village they fed him: it was not under the Germans. But it was still hard, for a hundred versts had been stamped out, but the wounded, but on such a grist.

Dined already in the next hospital. When dinner was brought – the mothers went on the bunks. Two spoons of porridge! For this boring pyshanka Volodka was in big quarrel with his superiors, and so much so that the complaint against him fell to the special officer. Only Sashka took the blame on himself. What about a soldier? Further forward will not be sent, and there to return all the same. Only advised especial person Sashka to roll off faster. But the doctors did not let Volodka go.

Sashka went again on the field, making potato for the road on the road. The wounded there was pretty busy: there were not enough grunts for the guys. And he waved to Moscow. I stood there on the platform, looked around. Whether in reality? People in civil, girls are knocking heels… like from another world.

But the more distinguished this calm, almost peaceful Moscow was from what was on the front line, the more clearly it saw his business there…

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Sashka Kondratyev in brief