Summary of “Lusiade”

The poem is written in honor of King Sebastian. The author begins with a description of the expedition headed by Vasco da Gama. During her time, Vasco paved the sea route to India. Team Luza sails from their native lands. Then it was believed that the Romans called Portugal Lusitania in honor of some Luza. Druzhinu overtakes the storm in the sea, and they are desperately fighting with bad weather. On Olympus there is a meeting of the gods, whose purpose was to determine the future of Lusitania. Bacchus, the god of India, votes for the fact that lositans must be punished for insolence and advises the rest to kill them. Bacchus fears that if he is more lenient with punishment, he will no longer be obeyed in his country. Jupiter, Mars and Venus protect brave navigators.

Lusitanians arrive in Africa. The natives on the canoes swim towards them. They tell the travelers where they came: it was the island of Mozambique. The population there is mainly one of Islam, despite the fact that

they are in subjection to Christians. The natives offer to carry them to India. The next day the lord of the island sails to the ship. The Lusitanians are imagining who they are, where they came from, tell what their country is and what is the reason that made them embark on a journey. Vladyka, listening to their descriptions, increasingly begins to envy them, and eventually wants to take away their ships. Bacchus decides to act, for despite the fact that the council of the gods has decided, he still wants to destroy the brave ones. He turns into a sage, whom the whole island reveres, and praises the ruler for the wise decision to destroy outsiders. When Lusitanians descend from the ship for water, then on land they are surrounded by natives with weapons. However, in the fight the Portuguese win. Then the archbishop of the island apologizes to them and gives them to help him, who was sentenced to shoot down travelers from the right direction.

A few days later on the horizon, the island of Kiloa is shown, which is known for its wealth. He is patronized by the goddess Zither. It prevents lusitanians from sticking

to the shore, where they were expected by enemies, and sends strong waves to the sea. Then kromchy, according to the order given to him, says that there is another island, Mombasa, where peaceful Christians live. In fact, Mombasa is inhabited by aggressive Muslims. The Portuguese arrive in Mombasa and drop anchor off its coast. The insidious natives express cordiality and hospitality, inviting everyone to go ashore. But Vasco de Gama first landed reconnaissance: to make sure that the residents are exactly who they say they are. Bacchus deceives them by pretending to be a Christian missionary. The next day, the Portuguese descended the boats to the water to moor to the shore. Venus and her nymphs again excite the sea, to save the travelers. Vasco da Gama understands that the gods themselves are protecting them, praying for their prosperity. Venus asks Jupiter to protect his people from the insidious Bacchus. Then Jupiter decides to reassure her and reveals to her the future: the Portuguese will reach the shores of India, and Mozambique, Diu, Goa will submit to them.

Travelers get to another island – Malindi. Rumors have already reached them that Malindi reigns as an honest and sincere sovereign. Vasco da Gama sends one of his sailors to the sovereign. The sailor tells the sovereign about the adventures of their team and about what they saw. The next day the hospitable sovereign is on the ship to show his respect to Vasco da Gama. The Portuguese conduct it all over the ship. Sovereign Malindi is surprised at the unusual things he meets on the ship. He asks travelers about their country, how it was created and developed, what kind of people inhabit it. Vasco da Gama talks about his homeland, about the heroes who carried her, what actions were committed in her name, about the kings and about the courage of the Portuguese. The sovereign of the island admires the valor of his guests and arranges a feast in their honor. Having celebrated this acquaintance, they continue their journey.

Bacchus continues his machinations. This time, he sinks under the water to Neptune and encourages the sea inhabitants to rebel against the sailors who so insolently capture their water and islands, despite the fact that all this is the property of Neptune. Bacchus confesses to the master of waters that he himself is so afraid of hostile seafarers that he is against the decision of Jupiter and all the gods who protect unfortunate people. Neptune is furious and intends to drown the insolent. It’s getting dark. The moon rises. Seamen can not cope with extraordinary drowsiness. To somehow distract themselves from drowsiness, one of them suggests recalling the twelve Portuguese gentlemen who were defended by twelve English young ladies. All in turn begin to list their exploits. Here comes a terrible storm – this Neptune wants to split their ship. First people bravely fight with nature, but even their strength is not able to calm the raging wind. Then Vasco da Gama asks Providence to help them. His request is fulfilled – the wind subsides.

Then the sailors get to India without any accidents. Vasco da Gama, as well as the last time, sends one of his subordinates to the ground. A sailor on the shore is surrounded by a crowd, and through it an Arab is selected, who understands in Spanish. He appears before Vasco da Gama and tells the captain where they arrived. What kind of people are waiting for them on the shore, what he believes in and what traditions he honors. Then Vasco da Gama asks the Arab to accompany him to the ruler of this wonderful country. Having met with the sovereign, Vasco da Gama offers him his friendship and in the future – mutually beneficial trade relations. The ruler likes this proposal, but he must collect advice – without him he is not entitled to make such decisions.

Bacchus does not lose the hope of annoying the Lusitanians: he interferes in a dream to one of the Muslims of India and inspires him that everyone should beware of travelers. Muslims, waking up, together with their co-religionists go to the sovereign, accusing aliens that they want to deceive Indians and rob them. Not knowing who to believe, the sovereign calls to account the captain of the ship and all his subordinates. He gives the Portuguese the charges of his subjects, but they prove that the accusations are groundless and are being taken away to the ship. Later, travelers are told that Muslims are waiting for support, in order to deal with strangers with all their efforts. Then Vasco da Gama orders to leave, lamenting that they never managed to establish ties in India. But still they succeeded – they sought out this distant and desired country.

On the way back, Venus arranges courageous travelers for rest and invites them to the island of Love, where beauties of nymphs and Nereids live. They surround the tired sailors with love and peace. At parting, one of the nymphs tells them about their future – soon Portugal will rule all the lands and islands that they will meet. And in India the names of the Vasco da Gama team will be honored as national heroes.

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Summary of “Lusiade”