Bylina “Wolga and Mikula Selyaninovich” in brief summary

Young Volga Svyatoslavovich longs for a lot of wisdom and strength. He gathers a squad of thirty soldiers, and they leave for a clean field. They hear in the plowman’s field: he whistles, and his plow squeaks. They go one day, another, the third – and can not reach the plowman in any way. Finally they see the plowman, and he asks Wolga where he is going. He replies that the dining-room prince Vladimir granted him three towns with peasants and he is now going there for a payoff. Plowman also says

Wolga, that the peasants in these cities are robbers, they can kill him and sink in the Smorodino river. Plowman tells Volga how he himself was recently in the city, bought salt, and city men began to demand that he share with them pennies, and then he had to treat them with his fists.

Wolga sees that the plowman can come in handy when he has to collect a tribute from the townspeople and invites him to go with him. They get on their horses and go, but the plowman remembers that he forgot to pull the plow out of the earth and toss it over the broomstick. Wolga sends five mighty fellows, but they can not cope with the task. Then Volga sends a dozen good fellows, but even so he can not pull the plow from the ground. Finally, the whole team of Volga is trying to pull the plow. Then the plowman approaches the plow, takes it with one hand, pulls it out of the ground and throws it behind the rakit bush. Wolga wants to know how the name of the mighty plowman. He replies that his name is Mikula Selyaninovich.

They come to the city, and the urban muzhiks recognize Mikula, who recently beat them alone. They come to Volga with Mikula and apologize. Wolga sees how a simple peasant enjoys respect here, and grants him three cities with peasants. He suggests that Mikule become a deputy and receive tribute from the peasants.

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Bylina “Wolga and Mikula Selyaninovich” in brief summary