Ray Bradbury is a science fiction writer

“Jules Verne was my father Wells was a wise uncle Edgar Allan Poe was my cousin, he was like a bat forever dwelling in our dark attic… Well, what else could I become, if not a science fiction writer in a family? ” – so joked Ray Bradbury, one of the most outstanding science fiction writers of the XX century.

His characters are not just dreamers – they are dreamers. They ask questions that are difficult to answer: where do caterpillars live? are there swallows and cranes on distant Mars? Story “Strawberry window” introduces us to the family of Robert Prentice. Robert is building a new city on Mars. But his wife Kerry misses the little things they left on Earth. And on the wattled rocker, and the Chinese chandelier with pendants that sings from the slightest breeze of the wind, and along creaky wooden steps, and along the front door with colorful glass – the strawberry window… People leaving their Earth should take to the future

what was in their past, what made their life more kind, lighter, what taught them to be people. Strawberry window has a wonderful property to brighten up the hardships of romantics pioneers, to illuminate the pink light of hope all that is around them.

But what happened to the heroes of the story “Vacation”. “One fine morning they woke up – and the world was empty…” The people disappeared. Somehow, when I looked through the evening paper, my father said: “It would be great to… wake up tomorrow, and not a soul in the whole world… Without violence, all will simply disappear from the face of the earth.” They will leave the earth and the sea, and all that grows… there will be as much time as you like. “The longest vacation in history.”

And in the morning there were only three left: father, mother and son. It seemed that nothing had happened for these people: the sun was shining, the sea was splashing, the flowers were blossoming, the birds were singing. But all this was without people. And then it was the father, who suddenly disappeared

people, said to his wife: “Well, if we went to bed in the evening, and at night everything would return to its places…” It turned out that without absurdities and noise, quarrels and troubles, even without evil people and stupid children a person can not be happy. Only in the society of people like you, you can feel happy.

We live in one huge world, which needs to be done in such a way that all people in it are warm and cozy. About this tell us amazing stories Ray Bradbury.

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Ray Bradbury is a science fiction writer