Summary of “Mitya’s Love” Bunin

Mitya is very much in love with Katya, a sweet girl, very young, studying in a theater school. Katya is also in love with Mitya, but her love does not absorb her completely, she is busy with creativity. But, despite different views on life, they have a flash of love, they meet, argue, walk. But Katya tries to find out the price for her love, very often asking Mitya about what he can give her, because if she decides to create a family with him, she will have to give up a lot, well, for example, from the stage, which is worth a lot. Mitya can not answer this question, and he is still too young and poor to offer her anything.

The purpose of their meetings was mainly the enjoyment of bodies, and Katia often wondered if he loved her soul. After all, he did not know her real, he loved the image he invented himself. Mitya’s jealousy increased in proportion to the passion in their relationship, and became already an obsession.

Katya began to turn into an ever-fleeing, young

woman and time for dating Mitya became less and less with her. She was completely absorbed in the stage and theater. To understand their relationship with Katya, Mitya left for the village, promising to write to her.

Arriving in the village, he calms down a little. Even begins to stare at other women, but his attraction to them is purely physical, no feelings and romantic moods. But he for a long time struggling with his desires, in this he is helped by feelings for Katya. Their correspondence continues, but it is no longer so sensual and frequent. Katya wrote to him less and less, and her letters were dry and short.

His friend persuades to meet with Alenka, a woman of only two years married, whose husband is on a business trip. Mitya meets her in a hut, but after what happened, the miracle did not happen, it did not ease him. He was often in a depressed state close to despair. He was already close to suicide, the smell of death was in the air.

He was not interested in anything that was happening around him, nothing to which he had no business. He wandered from side to side with a lost gaze.


after Mitya’s departure to the village, realized that her feelings towards him had completely cooled down, and there was no prospect in their relations. And she lends herself to passion and changes Mitya with the principal. In the letter she decides to inform Mita that she has changed him with the director.

After receiving the letter, Mitya is in a state of shock, which grows into a desire to commit suicide. He takes a revolver from the nightstand and shoots himself.

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Summary of “Mitya’s Love” Bunin