Summary “On the Road” Kazakova

The story of Yuri Kazakov “On the Road” is devoted to the theme of social changes in the village in the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century. The main characters of the story are Ilya Snegirev and his mother. Ilya Snegirev was born in the village and worked in the collective farm as a driver, but he was attracted to other regions. Not for the first time the spring tore it from its place. He visited Siberia, too, but he did not like it there.

In the autumn Ilya returned to the collective farm and again began to work as a chauffeur. But the memories of Siberia, about this huge, opened to him the edge did not give him rest. The author tells us about the time of development of Siberia, the great construction projects, the creation of new cities in the taiga. Workers had to live in tents, in hastily constructed barracks, perform hard work, but people triumphed, seeing the results of their labor. The beauty of Siberian nature, the joy of hard work of a huge team

of people turned out to be more important for Ilya than inconvenience, more expensive than a quiet life in his native village.

When the spring came, Ilya took a calculation on the collective farm and bought a ticket for the train. In the evening the fellow villagers gathered to lead him, and the next morning he went to the train together with his mother. He walked quickly, his mother barely kept up with him and soon decided to say goodbye right in the field, so that the son did not miss the train: “- I give you… you…” says his mother and finely baptizes him. “Go, go, to you.” I have to go running, but I… I too… will go quietly. “

We feel that a mother who has lived all her life in the village does not understand why her son is leaving somewhere, why he does not live in his native village, where he has a house where Tamara lives, who loves him. But the mother does not hold her son, she blesses him, recognizing the right of free choice of her life path. Ilya looks several times at his mother, who looks after him, and steps to the station.

Yuri Kazakov asserts the human right to choose his own path, to search for new roads. At the same time, with the help of beautiful descriptions of nature, the author emphasizes the value of the work of people living in Central Russia, on the land where they were born. The images of Ilya’s mother and her fellow villagers are images of sensitive and hardworking people. We understand that creative work is valuable in any land.

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Summary “On the Road” Kazakova