Painting by Makovsky “Boyar wedding feast of the XVII century”

In the works of Makovsky there are many paintings that describe the life and way of life of Russia in patriarchal times. He is one of the most famous painters of the second half of the XIX century. His work can be called versatile. He is also called the inspired singer of Old Russian antiquity, he has his own view of the color and life of that people.

This picture refers to the Boyar cycle and closely links the artist to the history. Makovsky himself was engaged in collecting antiques, which could not but leave a mark on his work. He paid a lot of attention to the depiction of ancient things.

This painting is one of his famous works, it was written in 1883 and had tremendous success at the Antwerp exhibition. We see vaulted mansions, which are filled with a variety of dishes and cups of all shapes. The artist captured the moment of celebration, when the wedding feast comes to an end and endure the traditional for that time dish “Swan”.

Critics paid special attention to the realism of the depicted event, and the reliability of the picture. In his painting, the artist with a special desire tries as closely as possible to the original to depict the life of the ancient Russian people, with all traditions and features. Paying attention to the costumes of cutlery and furnishings. With amazing beauty he depicted jewels, gold, ivory, velvet. In his film, he tells us about the traditions of that era, as if he was holding a fact-finding excursion. I was interested in his work, and I was more interested in learning about the time people lived and what they believed in. I thank Makovsky for granting me freedom in my thoughts and discussions on the rituals in ancient Russia.

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Painting by Makovsky “Boyar wedding feast of the XVII century”