Nikolay Alekseevich Nekrasov. Biography

Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov is a Russian poet, perceived by his contemporaries as the flagship of revolutionary-democratic lyrics and the personification of the “conscience of the epoch”. In Nekrasov’s lyrics, which opened a new page in the development of Russian realism, the dramas and tragedies of the everyday life of representatives of the social lower classes unfolded and the deep-seated properties of the national character unfolded.

The life of N. Nekrasov in dates and facts

December 10, 1821 – was born in a noble family in the town of Nemirovo, Vinnytsia uyezd, Podolsky province. Three years later, the family moved to the village of Greshnevo, Yaroslavl Province.

1832-1837 gg. – He studied at the Yaroslavl Gymnasium.

In 1838 – came to St. Petersburg in the hope of continuing education there, but when he tried to enter the university he failed and, having signed up as a free listener, began to work in professional

literary work.

1840 – the first poetry collection of Nekrasov “Dreams and Sounds” was published, which criticism assessed negatively. Grieved by the failure of the author bought up the books in the bookstores and burned them.

1840-1844 years. – a period of heavy literary work, which, however, opened the poet access to famous periodicals. During these years, NA Nekrasov approached the literary critic Belinsky and the Panayevs, who played an important role in the Russian literature of life.

1845-1846 years. – the collections “St. Petersburg Physiology” and “Petersburg Collection” were published, which included Nekrasov’s works.

Since 1847 and for the next 19 years Nekrasov was the publisher and the actual editor of the journal Sovremennik. The concept of this publication in the 40-ies. was largely determined by Belinsky. Contrary to the brutal pressure of censorship, Sovremennik maintained the position of the outpost of progressive thought.

1856 – was published a collection of “Poems”, which included the best works

of the poet, created by him for 10 years. This book was a great success for readers. In the same year, Nekrasov went on a trip abroad, lasting about a year.

1860-ies. were overshadowed by painful events: the arrest of several employees of Sovremennik and the subsequent closure of the magazine, the death of NA Dobrolyubov, one of the most talented literary critics and closest associates of Nekrasov. At the same time, this period was extremely creative for the poet, as evidenced by the appearance of his numerous poems and the famous poem “The Frost, Red Nose,” and also the beginning of the work on the monumental poem “To Whom in Russia Live Well?”, Which he wrote for the rest of his life.

1868 – settled one of the editors in the magazine “Notes of the Fatherland.”

1870-1873 years. – poems “Grandfather” and “Russian women” dedicated to the theme of the Decembrists were created.

In 1877 Nekrasov’s collection “The Last Songs” was published.

January 8, 1878 – the poet died because of a serious illness.

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Nikolay Alekseevich Nekrasov. Biography