Mini tales of my own writings

In one lake there lived a family of droplets. They all held each other’s hands tightly. But one day a small droplet did not keep its sisters and surfaced to the surface of the lake. And then the sun’s rays approached her. They picked it up and started to lift it higher and higher. Drove saw a meadow, a forest, a city. At the top there were a lot of drops, similar to it. But it became dark and cold, and droplets pressed closer to each other. They were very scared, and soon they turned into a cloud. And then droplets began to fall out of it and quickly fly down. A droplet-traveler fell right into the pond. She was very glad that she returned home and again saw her sisters.

Once, before the New Year, Mary found out. That in her native town they arranged a New Year’s fair. “Let’s go there, please!” Mary asked the pope. But my father frowned: “I’m too old and I’m scared of everyone. If you want so much, you can go without me!”

He watched sadly as Mary went to the fair. New Year’s holiday is usually celebrated with friends, and he is forever locked up in the castle.

Mary really enjoyed the fair: there was a merry music, on the shelves were laid out Christmas tree decorations and sold mouth-watering sweets. But the girl kept dading about Dad all the time. Residents of the town were preparing for the New Year’s masquerade, which was to be held soon. Mary suddenly saw a girl with a toy snowman in her hands, and the idea dawned on her. Dad was very surprised that Mary so quickly returned home. “You will go with me to the fair!” said Mary. She led Daddy up the stairs, and they entered the room in which stood the old cupboard. The girl opened the closet door, took out a snowman costume and told the pope: “Put on this suit!”

Then Mary and Dad went to the fair. And when they danced in a dance at the masquerade, they were applauded by admiring spectators. In the New Year, Mary gave the dad a toy snowman.

There were two worlds. For one thousand years the true Chosen One was born, he must destroy

the Dark Wizard once and for all.

Twenty years later, the Dark Wizard learns about this and sends his servant Chertik to spy on the Chosen One. When Chertik was spying, the Light Wizard noticed him. Despite this, the Devil learned that the Chosen One does not yet know who he is, and told the Dark Wizard about this. After this, it’s time to tell the Chosen One who he is. This is the beginning of his great adventure.

He goes into a completely different world. The first thing the Chosen One and the Light Wizard must do is to reach the castle of Avalon. A week later, they meet the Old Oak and he says:

“Hello, travelers!” What brings you here?

“We need to get to Avalon.”

– You need to go to the north, but be careful, there are many dangers in the forest. Good luck!

And they went north. A day later the travelers decided to rest. While they were sleeping, they were attacked by talking wolves. With difficulty, but they fought back. There were ten meters to Avalon. The Chosen One said:

But suddenly the Wizard was dragged away by two talking wolves, who were sitting in ambush. The Chosen One reached the castle. The guards stopped him and said:

– Stop! You can not go there!

“I need King Arthur urgently.”

“All right, come on, just give me your sword.”

The Chosen One reached King Arthur and introduced himself:

“The same one?” Well, all right, what do you want?

“I want you to give me soldiers.”

– Forgive us, we have so few people, forgive again!

The Chosen One had to go to the Dark Wizard’s castle alone. And at that moment he remembered the words: “When the Chosen One beats – he beats by the strength of many.” He reached the castle and after a fierce battle saved the Light Wizard and destroyed the Dark Wizard.

Once upon a time there was a poor girl. She had no parents. And there was nobody to take care of her. One evening she knocked at her house in the beggar’s house and asked me to eat. She herself has an empty soup on her desk, but she took pity on the beggar and set her down at the table. After supper, the beggar said: “For your good I will repay you with good.” Here is a magic ball: where it will roll, run after it, and there you will find your happiness. “

The girl did not have time to look back, as the beggar disappeared, and on the table lay a ball of yarn. She barely waited until morning, went out into the yard, threw a ball and ran after him. For a long time a ball rolled through the woods, along the fields. And she kept running after him tirelessly. Suddenly a beautiful castle appeared in front of her. The girl decided to ask to go to work at the castle, although she was a servant, even a cook. She entered the courtyard of the castle and saw a handsome young man. It was the prince of this kingdom.

The girl really liked the prince, and the prince was so handsome and noble that they fell in love at first sight. The same evening they were married and lived happily ever after.

The beast of the magic forest

Once upon a time there lived in a magical forest of dinosaurs Dino and Dinazi. They had a wonderful gift: if they touched anything, everything blossomed, even the stone became a bright rose.

Once they walked to their favorite clearing, where everything was in flowers. There they saw strangers they would borrow, and Dinazi asked: “What’s your name?” “We are called Zoe and Zaya,” they replied. “Ah, let’s go on a trip!” – suggested Zaya. “Let’s!” – Her friends answered her.

After the bunny and dinosaur gathered in a nearby forest. To travel, they met in a clearing. “Everything is in place. You can go!” said Dinazi. After that, friends all went on the road. When they were in a nearby forest, they saw that there were no flowers around, and everything was cold. “Look, the castle!” shouted Dino. “Let’s go there!” said Zaya. “Boys, it’s quiet! We need to go home.” We can not stay here! ” said Dinazi and Zaya in chorus. The boys begged their sisters for a long time, finally they agreed and went to the castle. The castle was made of gold and silver. There was a guard near the gate. The animals wanted to ask the queen how to get to the house, but the guard did not let them. After some time, the queen herself went out to her friends and asked: “What do you want?” ” We want to throw seeds of flowers into your forest so that it shines like our home. And we very much want to return home! “- said the travelers.” The queen fulfilled the desire under three conditions: that the beasts woke the daughter, who had been asleep for three years, three months and three days, had spoiled the queen herself with anger and helped her get used to the flowers. immediately agreed to help the queen, then came home.

In one fabulous country lived, three faithful friends lived: cat Matroskin, turtle Tortilla and dog Sharik. Once they heard a story about a distant magical lake. There on the lake grows a very beautiful flower. Friends decided to go on a trip. On the way they met a lot of unusual. First they met an owl, she gave them tea and told them how to get to the lake. In the clearing they saw many, many beautiful butterflies, and, finally, here it is, the lake! Forgetting the danger, the animals ran to the flower, but suddenly they saw a fox and a wolf. The dog and cat distracted the villains, and the turtle swam to the flower. The fox and the wolf rushed after it and drowned. So Matroskin’s cat, Tortilla tortoise and Sharik dog won evil and proved that friendship is more precious.

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Mini tales of my own writings