How to make content interesting and interesting

Let’s try to get distracted from our conversation and go to rest outside the city. Imagine: today is Saturday, we are free, cheerful, we have backpacks behind us, we are already at the railway station, we enter the electric train… Today we will leave the big city as far as possible, into the forest, to the lake… Here we are already We go along the sandy road where our eyes look. Do you hear the guitar in the forest? Deeper into the forest… There’s the lake. Near him put a tent.

In the morning, even before sunrise, birds will wake us up. Then behind the lake, where the forest parted, red stripes will go along the horizon, all brighter and brighter – and the sun will rise. This is not boring!

What will enrich us leisure time spent in nature? A night in the forest, a dawn over the lake, blissful fatigue after a day spent on a hike… We will take with us a whole wealth: memories of the bonfire, the lake to which we suddenly left, about

that Christmas tree – remember, it flaunts separately from everyone trees on a round glade? Our wealth is the beauty that we saw and appreciated in this forest. And the most amazing thing is that our trip did not end. In a month or six months, we will open a book in which earlier descriptions of nature were skipped – they seemed boring and unnecessary to us, because we had not yet grown to them. Now we will read them differently, we will see with different eyes.

Is it possible for those who have never seen the spring forest to penetrate these lines? Does he feel for them what we feel with you-the familiar and always new beauty of nature?! Yes, it turns out that nature and art unite in our minds.

We can devote our leisure and excursions to the museum. What excites us in the landscapes of famous artists? What are we thinking about, standing in front of these pictures? Great paintings and monuments live forever. This we think, considering the picture of N. Roerich. It is difficult to answer this question, because everyone thinks about his own. And yet we think about the beautiful – this is

expensive art.

We can attend a concert. Something new awakens in us with the sound of music, something reminds us – and the forest, and the feeling of beauty, and the main, very important our thoughts, and the desire to be better, more honest, cleaner… What will music give us? A lot of things. What is hidden from an unconscious, indifferent heart – thoughts and feelings, memories and dreams, a keen sense of the beauty of life, the human spirit, vivacity, the pursuit of happiness!

Art teaches us a lot. It raises every person: and one who before that time did not understand poetry, did not listen to symphonies, and those who from childhood, from childhood loved the museum halls, and the silence before the concert, and the slowly rising curtain of the theater. A man enriched with art differs from others in that he constantly tries to understand something new every day, every minute, to enrich himself more and more, develop his own taste, grow spiritually.

There are next to us and the lucky ones, who have found themselves since childhood, have chosen their own way. One enjoys taking care of hedgehogs and turtles, the other day and night sitting behind chess. The third, forgetting about the unlearned history, sits over a computer program. The fourth child became a book-lover and searched for rare books on libraries. And it does not matter what kind of person Hobbies – Favorite occupation at leisure, hobby. It can be drawing, knitting, singing or caring for plants, the main thing is the opportunity to grow spiritually, to improve.

Leisure – free time from work.

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How to make content interesting and interesting