Summary “Pig under the oak” Krylov

Krylov’s fable “The Pig Under the Oak” is distinguished by penetrating morality, which most accurately conveys the milestones of the time in which its author lived. Nevertheless, before you begin to analyze its meaning, you need to familiarize yourself with the textual content of the work.

“A pig under an oak” is a fable, in which three heroes are involved. Central among them is, as you probably already guessed, a pig. Minor characters are the oak and the crow sitting on its branch. The narrative begins with a story about how a pig lies under an oak tree and eats acorns that fell from it. When they stop falling, she begins to dig a root to get to the fruits that hang high. Raven tries to stop the stupid pig, but she absolutely does not listen to him and tries to prove her rightness until the old oak enters into the dialogue, which is not at all a secondary character, as she begins to tell the culprit about her ignorance. But she still does not follow

the words of the more educated participants in the plot.

Moral of the Fable “The Pig Under the Oak”

This work has a difficult meaning. He carries a certain background, being a verbal slap in the time in which Ivan Krylov lived. What is the main moral of the poem “The Pig Under the Oak”? Fable shows us the inevitable death of everything that is created by science in the hands of ignorant people. Oak is associated here with centuries of wisdom, and the pig – with those who do not want to comprehend it through training.

The work clearly shows the line between the crow that sits on a branch, and the pig that digs in the ground. Such a picture depicts how poor is the ignorance compared to an educated person. “A pig under an oak” is a fable that makes it clear the value of spiritual development in comparison with indulgence to one’s instincts.

Life Truths are accessible to every language

Krylov’s fables are valued for an understandable presentation, which is why they were included in the compulsory program of studying literature many years

ago and do not give up their positions in popularity even today. Using the example of animals, pupils of lower grades are better able to learn simple life truths, because many of you probably remember the scenes of Ivan Andreevich’s famous fables, which long ago became winged expressions.

The writer constantly rotated among the ordinary people, for which he received real respect from the common people. That is why in every his poem the slant of vagueness slips. Is it because he wrote them specifically for the peasants, who, because of their lack of education, could not absorb complicated speech and secular expressions? Most likely, so it is.

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Summary “Pig under the oak” Krylov