“Great Gatsby” Fitzgerald in brief summary

“If you measure a person with her ability to manifest herself, then in Gatsby was something truly magnificent, some heightened sensitivity to all the promises of life… It was a rare gift of hope, a romantic fuse, which I have never met in anyone.”

Nick Carraway belongs to the venerable prosperous family of one of the small towns of the Midwest. In 1915, he graduated from Yale University, then fought in Europe; returning after the war to his native town, “could not find a place” and in 1922 he moved east to New York, to study the credit business. He settled in the suburbs: on the outskirts of the Long Island Strait, two absolutely identical capes, divided by a narrow cove: East Egg and West Egg, enter the water; in West Egge, between two luxury villas, and the house, which he rented for eighty dollars a month, was crouched. In the more fashionable East-Egg, his second cousin Daisy lives. She is married to Tom Buchanan. Tom is fabulously rich, he studied

in Yale at the same time as Nick, and even then Nick was very unsympathetic to his aggressive-flawed behavior. Tom began to change his wife on a honeymoon; and now he does not consider it necessary to hide from Nick his connection with Myrtle Wilson, the wife of the owner of the gas station and car repair, which is located halfway between West Egg and New York, where the highway almost runs up to the railway and a quarter of a mile runs with her side by side. Daisy also knows about the betrayal of her husband, it tortures her; from the first visit to them from Nick left the impression that Daisy needs to escape from this house immediately.

In the summer evenings, in the villa of the neighbor of Nick, music sounds; on the weekend his “Rolls-Royce” turns into a shuttle bus to New York, carrying a huge number of guests, and a multi-seat “Ford” runs between the villa and the station. On Mondays, eight servants and a specially hired second gardener remove traces of destruction all day.

Soon Nick receives an official invitation to the party to Mr. Gatsby and turns out to be one of the

very few invited: there they did not expect an invitation, they just came there. No one in the crowd of guests is familiar with the owner closely; not everyone knows him in person. His mysterious, romantic figure arouses keen interest – and conjectures multiply in the crowd: some claim that Gatsby killed a man, others say that he is bootlegger, von Hindenburg’s nephew and the second cousin of the devil, and during the war he was a German spy. It is also said that he studied at Oxford. In the crowd of his guests, he is lonely, sober and reserved. The society that enjoyed the hospitality of Gatsby paid him that he did not know anything about him. Nick meets Gatsby almost by accident: after talking with a man – they were fellow soldiers – he noticed that he somewhat embarrassed the position of the guest,

After several meetings, Gatsby asks Nick for a favor. Embarrassed, he walks around the bush for a long time, in order to prove his respectability he makes a medal from Montenegro, which was awarded in the war, and his Oxford photo; finally quite childishly says that his request will be laid out by Jordan Baker – Nick met her at a party with Gatsby, and met at his sister’s house Daisy: Jordan was her friend. The request was simple – to invite Daisy somehow to his tea, so that, by going casually, neighborly, Gatsby could see her, Jordan said that in the autumn of 1917 in Louisville, their Dasey hometown, Daisy and Gatsby, then a young lieutenant, loved each other, but had to part; He was sent to Europe, and she married Tom Buchanan after a year and a half. But before the wedding dinner, throwing a gift from the groom into the trash basket – a pearl necklace for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, Daisy got drunk as a shoemaker, and, clutching a letter in one hand, and in another – a bottle of soterna, begged her friend to refuse her name to the groom. However, she was thrust into a cold bath, given to sniff ammonia, put a necklace around her neck, and she “got married as pretty.”

The meeting occurred; Daisy saw his house; the festivities in the villa stopped, and Gatsby replaced all the servants with others, “who know how to keep silent,” for Daisy often visited him. Gatsby also met Tom, who showed an active rejection of himself, his house, his guests and became interested in the source of his income, probably doubtful.

Once after lunch with Tom and Dazy Nick, Jordan and Gatsby with the hosts go to have fun in New York. It’s clear to everyone that Tom and Gatsby entered the decisive battle for Daisy. At the same time, Tom, Nick and Jordan ride in the cream “Rolls-Royce” Gatsby, and he and Daisy – in the dark blue “Ford” Tom. Halfway through, Tom calls in to refuel at Widson, who announces that he intends to leave for good and take his wife away: he suspected something was wrong, but did not associate her betrayal with Tom. Tom comes to frenzy, realizing that he can lose both his wife and mistress at the same time. In New York, the explanation was: Gatsby tells Tom that Daisy does not love him and never loved him, he was just poor and she was tired of waiting; in response to this, Tom reveals the source of his income, really illegal: bootleggership of a very large scale. Daisy is shocked; she tends to stay with Tom. Realizing that he won, on the way back, Tom tells his wife to go in a cream machine with Gatsby; followed by the rest in a lagging dark blue “Ford”. When they reached the gas station, they see the crowd and the body of Myrtle shot down. From the window she saw Tom from Jordan, who was mistaken for Daisy, in a large cream machine, but her husband locked her and she could not come up; when the car was returning, Myrtle, freeing herself from the castle, rushed to her. Everything happened very quickly, there were practically no witnesses, the car did not even slow down. From Gatsby, Nick found out that Daisy was behind the wheel. but her husband locked her up, and she could not come up; when the car was returning, Myrtle, freeing herself from the castle, rushed to her. Everything happened very quickly, there were practically no witnesses, the car did not even slow down. From Gatsby, Nick found out that Daisy was behind the wheel. but her husband locked her up, and she could not come up; when the car was returning, Myrtle, freeing herself from the castle, rushed to her. Everything happened very quickly, there were practically no witnesses, the car did not even slow down. From Gatsby, Nick found out that Daisy was behind the wheel.

Until the morning Gatsby was under his windows to be there, if suddenly she needed. Nick glanced out the window – Tom and Daisy sat together as if they were one – spouses or, perhaps, accomplices; But he did not have the heart to take Gatsby’s last hope.

Only four in the morning, Nick heard the taxi coming up from Gatsby. Nick did not want to leave him alone, and since that morning Gatsby wanted to talk about Daisy, and only about Daisy, it was then that Nick recognized the strange story of his youth and his love.

James Goetz – that was his real name. He changed it at the age of seventeen when he saw Dan Cody’s yacht and warned Dan about the beginning of the storm. His parents were simple farmers – in dreams he never recognized them as his parents. He invented Jay Gatsby himself in full accordance with the tastes and concepts of a seventeen-year-old boy and remained true to this invention until the very end. He recognized women early and, spoiled by them, learned to despise them. In his heart there was always confusion; he believed in the unreal reality, in the fact that the world rests firmly and reliably on the wings of the fairy. When he stood on oars and looked up to the white hull of Cody’s yacht, it seemed to him that it embodied all the beautiful and amazing that only exists in the world. Dan Cody, a millionaire who got rich on Nevada’s silver mines and operations with Montan oil, took him to the yacht – first as a steward, then he became a senior assistant, captain, secretary; five years they sailed around the continent; then Dan died. Of the twenty-five thousand dollar inheritance that Dan left to him, he did not get a cent, never realizing what kind of legal intricacies. And he stayed with what gave him a peculiar experience of these five years: the abstract scheme of Jay Gatsby clothed in flesh and blood and became a man. Daisy was the first “girl from society” on his way. From the first time she seemed dizzy to him. He began to visit her house – first in the company of other officers, then one. He had never seen such a beautiful home, but he understood very well that he was not rightfully in this house. The military uniform, which served him as an invisibility cloak, at any moment could fall from his shoulders, and under him he was just a young man without a clan and a tribe and without a penny in his pocket. And so he tried not to waste time. Probably, he expected to take what can and go, but it turned out, condemned himself to eternal service to the shrine. She disappeared in her rich house, in her rich, brimming life, and he was left with nothing – except for the strange feeling that they are now husband and wife. With stunning clarity Gatsby comprehended the secret of youth in captivity and under the protection of wealth…

The military career was a success for him: at the end of the war he was already a major. He was eager to go home, but because of a misunderstanding he was in Oxford – anyone who wants from the armies of the winning countries could attend the course free of charge at any university in Europe. Daisy’s letters showed nervousness and anguish; she was young; she wanted to organize her life now, today; she needed to make a decision, and that it should come, some kind of power was required – love, money, undeniable benefits; Tom appeared. The letter Gatsby received back in Oxford.

Saying goodbye to Gatsby this morning, Nick, having already gone away, shouted: “A nothingness on a nonentity, here they are, you alone stand all of them together!” How he then rejoiced that he said these words!

Without hope for justice, the distraught Wilson came to Tom, learned from him who the car belongs to, and killed Gatsby, and then himself.

Three people attended the funeral: Nick, Mr. Goetz – Gatsby’s father, and only one of the many guests, although Nick called all the regulars of Gatsby’s parties. When he called Daisy, he was told that she and Tom had left and left no addresses.

They were careless creatures, Tom and Daisy, they broke things and people, and then ran away and hid for their money, their all-consuming carelessness or something else on which their union held, letting others clean up after them.

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“Great Gatsby” Fitzgerald in brief summary