Summary “The Animal Farm of King Avgy”

More quickly, Eurystheus gave a new assignment to Hercules. He had to clear all the farmyard of Augea, the king of Elis, the son of the radiant Helios, from the dung. The sun-god gave his son innumerable riches. Especially numerous were the herds of Aghia. Among its flocks were three hundred bulls with white as snow, legs, two hundred bulls were red like Sidon purple, twelve bulls dedicated to the god Helios, were white like swans, and one bull, distinguished by unusual beauty, shone like a star. Hercules offered to cleanse Augea in one day all of his huge farmyard, if he agrees to give him a tenth of his herds. Augee agreed. It seemed impossible for him to do such work in one day. Hercules also broke the wall surrounding the barnyard from two opposite sides, and took the water of two rivers, Alpheus and Peneus, into it. The water of these rivers in one day carried away all the dung from the cattle yard, and Hercules again laid down the walls. When the hero came to Aghia to demand a

reward, the proud king did not give him the promised tenth of the herd, and had to return to Tirinf Hercules with nothing.

A great hero avenged the king of Elis. A few years later, having already freed himself from the service of Eurystheus, Hercules invaded with a large army in Elis, defeated in the bloody battle of Avgia and killed him with his deadly arrow. After the victory, Hercules gathered the army and all the rich prey from the city of Pisa, sacrificed to the Olympic gods and established the Olympic Games, which all Greeks had mastered every four years in the sacred plain, lined by Hercules himself, dedicated to the goddess Athena-Pallada olive trees.

Hercules avenged all the allies of Avgia. Especially the king of Pylos Neleus paid. Hercules, having come with the army to Pylos, took the city and killed Neleus and his eleven sons. Nor did the son of Neleus Periklimen, who was given the sovereign of the Poseidon Sea, to turn to a lion, a snake and a bee. Hercules killed him when, turning to a bee, Periklimen sat on one of the horses harnessed to the car of Hercules. Only Nelia’s son Nestor remained alive. Subsequently, Nestor became famous among the Greeks for his exploits and great wisdom.

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Summary “The Animal Farm of King Avgy”