Frederic Stendhal – an astute “observer of human characters”

Stendhal’s life was fanned with romance and fierce struggle for existence, filled with turbulent events and full of vivid impressions. As a politician and diplomat, he visited many European states, he learned great love and disappointment in it. Passion for artistic creativity brought him happiness even in the years of lonely old Italy, where he lived, giving up French citizenship, during the Restoration.

A subtle connoisseur of the human soul, Stendhal created living and complex characters, opened new possibilities for depicting the psychological life of man, the subtlest twists of his thoughts and feelings. The eternal struggle of good and evil in man he explained by the concrete circumstances of being. Historical truth is the cornerstone of his works. Heroes of Stendhal are bound by inseparable ties with the surrounding reality. To know the personality of the hero meant for him to penetrate into the mysterious laws of historical events. Not surprisingly, he compared the

writer to a “mirror” that “reflects that celestial blue, then dirty puddles and potholes.” Ponimizing with the classicists and giving preference to romanticism, Stendhal the artist, in fact, was the first French novelist-novelist.

Novels of the writer “Red and Black”, “Parma monastery”, the novel “Vanina Vanini” forever entered the treasury of world literature. During his lifetime, Stendhal deserved the recognition of a few, but among them were such outstanding people as Dumas’ father and son, George Sand, Honore de Balzac, Gustave Flaubert, P. Merimee, and AS Pushkin. The creative manner of the writer, his style was ahead of his time and were strikingly consonant with the beginning of the 21st century.

Andre Maurois in his lecture on his favorite classics of the XIX century. wrote: “Here are the truths that you find in Stendhal and only him…” A friend of the reader, “he said,” do not lead your life in fear and hatred. “Let us respect this advice by slightly modifying its formula. “Friend reader, spend your life in love and high aspirations.”

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Frederic Stendhal – an astute “observer of human characters”