Composing good and evil

What are good and evil? And why is man today more evil than good to others? It is precisely on these issues that the author of the text given to us pondered Dudintsev. The writer raises an important problem of the manifestation of good and evil.

“… Good disguises himself for a small evil, and evil himself – under great goodness.” It seems to me that the proposed text of Dudintsev is about this. It speaks of the hidden manifestations of good and evil. Arguing on this topic, the author tells how skillfully good conceals his good motives, and how the evil willingly accepts gratitude for his actions, perhaps even non-existent. In conclusion, the writer leads us to the conclusion that while a person is alive, he will strive for good and for curbing evil.

The thought expressed by Dudintsev is close and understandable to me. Probably, each of us had to face such a situation. When we do good deeds, we try to hide them under the negative or neutral. All due

to the fact that good is grievously grateful.

Why does the point of view expressed by the author seem to me correct? First, M. Bulgakov in his work “The Master and Margarita” wrote that the image of Yeshua – the image of Jesus Christ, bearing in itself the idea of ​​true kindness and forgiveness. He speaks of all people, even of those who bring him pain and suffering, says: “A good man,” the procurator of Judea, who condemned him to a painful death, he forgives, leaving with him for eternity. Secondly, there is an ancient Slav legend about the Virgin-Plague. When the peasant mowed the grass, the terrible Virgo-Plague jumped on his shoulders. The man pleaded for mercy. The Virgo-Plague agreed to regret it if he would wear it on his shoulders. Where this terrible couple appeared, all people died. This legend is addressed to each of us: what do you bring to the world – light or darkness, joy or sorrow, good or evil, life or death?

In the end, I can say that good and evil accompany each other from time immemorial, forcing people to choose between bad and good. Man is able to resist evil and improve in himself good.

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Composing good and evil