Summary of “Love Spring” Coach

Act One In the former rich mansion there is a committee. The message is received by the Reds about the fact that White already has the Zheglov Bridge. The commanders are going to the meeting. And at this time the sailor Shvandya spoke to the typist Panova Pavle Petrovna about how he had seen Marx. Panova tells him that Marx has already been given, but Shvandya does not believe. Groznoy approaches them, who is an assistant to the commissioner and flirts with the typist Panova. He offers Paul decorations, but she refuses.

The Gornostaev’s spouses come and start complaining that their tenant cut all the hens. Professor Gornostayev is arrested by Grozny as a representative of counter-revolutionaries. Shvandya says that Gornostayev is like Marx. Elisatov, is a leader of the rear, liberates Gornostayev, who is a European professor. Koshkin wants to temporarily appoint a professor as a commissioner of public education.

Schwanda complains to the peasant Mary, that her sons

left one. The teacher Lyubov Yarovaya comes and says that yesterday the whites were not far away, only seven versts. She speaks with Panova. Panova says that her husband was an architect, and that he died from a bite of lice, and that this same louse culture of Russia was eaten. Yarovaya says that only lice are worse than lice, since they ate her children and her husband, but culture can create a new one.

Love sees a towel in the Gornostayeva, and recognizes him, she also gave her husband the way. Commissioner Koshkin Roman decides to blow up at night Zheglovsky Bridge. Officer Yarovoy Mikhail (Vihore) was nominated for this mission. In the aides he took himself Commissar Mazukhin and Khrushchev. Panova talked with Koshkin and accidentally told him that Professor Gornostayev had gold. Groznov Koshkin finds stolen gold, and then he shoots him.

The second very quickly ends evacuation. Under the city is a battle. The bridge can not be blown up, and Vihry with the people could not return. Koshkin and Shvanda remain to try to blow up the bridge. The connection is to keep it wants through Yarovoi. Gornostayeva

sees Yarovoy and in it he recognizes his lodger, Vortex. Love meets her husband, whom she considered dead. He is represented by Gornostaeva, Lieutenant Yarov. Love does not want to believe that her husband has become white. Lead prisoners Mazukhin, Khrushchev, and other comrades who wanted to blow up the Zheglovsky Bridge. Schwanda still manages to convoy one escort, and the other to kill and flee to the Reds.

The third act Love and electrical Kolosov Ivan want to know when the execution of the Zhoglovs will take place. Yarovoy demands to destroy the gang of Koshkin. Yarovoy Gornostayeva asks to release her husband, who was recently arrested, and took him for Koshkin. The professors are letting go. Kolosov tells Panova that she announced the time of the execution, but Panova refuses to help him. Koshkin, disguises herself in a woman’s dress and threatens Panova with a revolver, and demands from her that she tell me where the paper with the order for execution lies. Yarovoy comes, and he frightened Koshkin. Panov flirted with the officers. Yarovaya asks Panov to help release the Zhoglovites. Panova says that she herself would have strangled them with pleasure. Comes Colonel Malinin. Yarovaya says. that she is a supporter of whites. Yarovoy wants to be with his wife, but she can not forgive him, that he changed the revolution. Elisatov comes running and says that Colonel Kutov was attacked and the criminal took his briefcase with papers.

Act IV Yarovoi tells Colonel Malinin that he should be more attentive, since he believes that Koshkin is here. Peasant Mary recognizes her son Semyon in the White Guard. He tells his mother that his brother Grishka is serving in red. Semyon wants to find him and kill him. For all those present, Gornostayev calls the swindler Elisatov. The liberal Volgin comes and asks him to help the professor. Folgin recently bitten a louse, and now he will die in two weeks. Kolosov Ivan asks Folgin to save five people who will be hung today, he does not want to save the Bolsheviks.

Lyubov asks Panova whether she has found the paper with the order from Colonel Kutov. Panova wants to take revenge on Yarovoy, but then Elisatov comes to invite Panov to a dance. Chir the watchman, overhears the conversation between Yarovoy and Panova, and tells about it to Yarovoy. Love persuades the population to help the Zhoglovs. Kolosov tells the commissar that Yarovoy is hunting him. Leaving the commissar, Koshkin, reports that Yarovoy’s meeting at one o’clock. Sailor Shvandya wanted to raise the people, but people on the contrary want to beat the sailor. Shvandya asks Gornostayev to tell the people about Bolshevism. While people are talking with Professor Gornostaev, at this time Shvandya is hiding.

Gornostaev demands from Yarovoy. so that he abolished the penalty. Yarovoy refuses. From Spring Gornostayeva drives away the former maid, speculator Dunka, who now works as a watchman for the professor. Yarovoy tells Colonel Malinin that the front has been broken, and the army is quickly retreating, and that tomorrow there will be an evacuation. Yarovoy wants to know from Panova, for whom she is an enemy, and to whom her friend is. Panova says that he does not serve anyone, and those whom he considers harmful, the harm. Panova hints to Yarovoy about what his wife is waiting for. Yarovoy establishes observation of Panova, and immediately runs to Lyubov. He confesses his wife to love. Love is ready to forgive him, but on one condition, if he rescues the Zhoglovs. Then she meets with the commissioner Koshkin in the wasteland. Yarovoy gives the order to surround the wasteland, and lock up his wife in school. There is a fight between Koshkin and Yarov, Gregory and Semyon. Arrest the Bolsheviks.

Step Five At the headquarters of the White Army. Unexpected evacuation of whites. Priest Zakatov, Gornostaev and the baroness because of places in the car swear. Yarovaya tells Panova that she betrayed the Bolsheviks. Elisatov takes Panov with him. Spring asks her husband. that he liberated all prisoners, but he is not going to do it. She feels guilty because of her love for her husband and betrayed her comrades. Love revolver threatens her husband, and then directs herself to the muzzle, but Yarovoy takes away her weapon. Love is put in custody. Yarovoy asks Kolosov Ivan to take out of the city Love. Sailor Shvandya frees Yarovoy.

Near the prison the crowd gathers. Spring is trying to persuade the people. Yarovoy orders Semyon to shoot the Zhoglovs, but the people take the prison by storm. Shvandya resorts to the headquarters and wants to arrest Yarovoy, but he manages to escape. The patrol is running after him. Kolosov, changed into the shape of the Spring, and decides instead to surrender to the patrol, but she gives out her husband’s Love. Seeds are killed by his brother Gregory. They arrest the Spring. Love with tears in his eyes turns away from him. Commissar Koshkin tells Yarovoy that she is a faithful companion. Love says that she is only a faithful companion from today.

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Summary of “Love Spring” Coach