“The rebellion of Wang Xinzhi” Feng Manlong in summary

“The rebellion of Wang Xinzhi” Feng Manlong in summary

On how Wang Xinzhi’s death saved his whole family

During the time of the Southern Song Dynasty, many were honored with sovereigns. But it happened more than once that worthy men never met with a happy fate.

The rich man Wang Shizhong got sued for murder, but somehow got out. He had a younger brother, Wang Xinzhi. Once the elder brother allowed himself a cruel joke, the younger one was offended and left the house without a penny in his pocket. He settled in the town of Madipo – Hemp slope, founded a smelting business and so succeeded that soon he crushed the entire district. Even the officials were afraid of him.

Just at that time, two brothers, Cheng-Bars and Chen-Tiger, lost their jobs and were looking for where to apply their martial arts knowledge. They

asked for help from the mentor Hun Gun. He advised them to go to Wang Xinzhi and even provided a letter of recommendation.

For several months the brothers taught the military business of the son of Wang Xin-chih, Wang Shisyun, and when they set out to leave the estate of Van, the owner, who was going to the capital, asked them to stay longer, to reveal the secrets of military skill to the young man. Another year passed, and the brothers firmly decided to leave. But the landlord still has not returned, and the son barely scraped his brothers off on travel expenses, promising to pay the rest of the fee for schooling after his father’s return.

The brothers harbored resentment. The son did not notice anything and handed a letter, once written by the father in response to the message of the mentor Hung Gun, but never sent.

Hung Gong, too, could not meet them with dignity. His wife was quarrelsome and stingy. The brutality of the brothers increased. They decided to stipulate Wang Xinzhi, accusing him of rebellious intent. So they did, and they even referred to Wang’s letter as proof: they say, he promises to fulfill everything, as agreed. The authorities conceived the idea of ​​checking the denunciation, but someone Ho Neng was frightened and, without reaching the estate of Wang, returned and confirmed the

fact of rebellious preparations.

Learning about the slander, Wang Xinzhi realized that he could not justify himself before the authorities. He conceived with a group of brave men to seize an official of He Nan and force him to confess to deception. But his plan failed, but now he truly became a rebel. Had to hide in the river and lake floods. But he commanded the son and faithful servant to go in guilt. Soon he himself surrendered to the authorities, presenting evidence that he was slandered. The judge reviewed the case, and although Wang Xinzhi was sentenced to death, his abusers also received their own. The main thing is that the son, Wang Shisyun, got off with a short reference and soon found himself at large.

The family of the deceased brother was sheltered by Wang Shizhong. He also raised the decayed economy of the Hemp slope, and then handed over the estate to his nephew. Over time, Wang Xinzhi’s body betrayed the land with honor, and his son and grandchildren achieved fame and high rank.

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“The rebellion of Wang Xinzhi” Feng Manlong in summary