Summary “Caucasian Captive” by Tolstoy

Summary “Caucasian Captive” by Tolstoy

Officer Zhilin served in the Caucasus. He received a letter from his mother and decided to go on vacation home. But along the way, and another Russian officer, Kostylin was seized by Tatars (because of Kostylin, since Kostylin had to cover Zilin, but when he saw the Tatars he began to flee from them.) Kostylin betrayed Zilin). The Tatar, who captured Russian officers, sold them to another Tatar. They were held in shackles in one barn.

The Tatars forced the officers to write a letter home with a ransom demand. Kostylin wrote, and Zhilin specially wrote another address, because he knew that he had no one to redeem him (the old mother, and so poorly lived). They lived like this for a whole month. Zhilina was tied to the daughter’s daughter, Dean, she wore cakes and milk for him,

and he made pupae for her. Zhilin began to think how he and Kostylin could escape from captivity, began digging a tunnel in the shed.

And one night they escaped. They escaped into the forest, but Kostylin began to lag behind and whine, as he wiped his feet with his boots. And so because of Kostylin they did not go far, they were noticed by a Tatar who was passing through the forest. He told the owners of the hostages and they quickly caught up with the dogs. The captives were put on shackles and were not removed even at night, and also put them in another place in a pit of five arshins. But Zhilin still did not despair. I wondered how I could escape. And Dina saved him, she brought a long stick at night and sent her down into the pit, and Zhilin climbed up on it. But Kostylin stayed, did not want to run away: he was frightened, and there was no strength.

Zhilin moved away from the village and wanted to remove the shoe, but he did not succeed. Dina gave him cakes in the way, and then she began to cry, saying goodbye to Zhilin: she was very attached to him, because he was very kind to her. And Zhilin began to go farther and farther, even though the shoe and very disturbed, when the strength ended, he crawled, so he crawled to the field, after which there were already their Russians. But Zhilin was afraid that the Tatars would

notice him when he crossed the field. Just thought to look: to the left, on the hill, there are three Tatars, tithes for two. They saw him and started off to him. So his heart broke. Waved his hands, shouted what was his spirit: Brothers! Help out! Brothers! Zsalin heard the Cossacks and rushed across the Tatars. The Tatars were frightened, they did not reach it. So the Cossacks of Zilin were rescued. Zhilin told them how he had been, and said: So I went home, got married! No, it’s not my destiny. And I stayed to serve in the Caucasus. But only a month later Kostylina was redeemed for five thousand. They barely brought the living.

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Summary “Caucasian Captive” by Tolstoy