Summary of “Fool”

In the province of Madrid comes noble nobleman Liseo along with his servant Turin. Liceu will have a wedding. Phineas, his future wife is the daughter of a respected and well-known nobleman Octavio. Octavio has one more daughter – Nisa, who in her district is famous for a very uncommon mind and the same education. To her chagrin, Phineas is regarded as an ignorant fool and in Madrid her ignorance has long been known as a parable in the country. But Licey knows well that Finney is promised a good dowry, which she inherited from her eccentric uncle, who did not like the soul in his niece. Nisa has no dowry. What Liseu found out discouraged him, but there is nowhere to retreat and he has to hurry to Madrid, he needs to look at the bride himself and make up his own opinion about it. If something does not suit him,

And in the house of Octavio at this time everyone was looking forward to the groom. The head of the family thinks that his daughters give him a lot of trouble: one

annoys him with strong stupidity, and the other irritates with superintendence. And Octavia believes this is not a necessary quality for a woman. But since Phinea has a large dowry, she attracts many grooms, and Nisa is very beautiful and talented, but without money, so her location is not achieved. But Nisa has a fan of Laurencio, who is in love with her. He, like her likes to write poetry and this brought them closer. If Nisa very much like the ancient Greek poetry, then Phineas can not even learn the alphabet. Even the teacher of the letter refuses to teach her, losing all patience.

Nisa often comes to young people who ask her for advice on the newly composed sonnet. More finely interesting is the conversation only on everyday topics, such as a horned cat.
Laurencio loves Nisa very much, but being a poor man himself and having a noble family, he ceases to take care of Nisa and begins to take care of her sister Phineas. The talk about literature and the sublime is far from far, she has absolutely nothing to talk with him about. So the first timid attempts of the young man to win the heart of Phineas were

unsuccessful, then he begins to regret the decision. Phineas never thought of love and when she heard a word unfamiliar to herself, she first wanted to find out from her father its meaning.

Laurencio frightens this reaction, but he manages to stop the girl. If Phineas is very simple-minded, then her maid guesses about Laurenio’s intentions.
Soon comes Liceo, who sees just two sisters, and begins to admire the beauty of Nisa. Phiney at the first meeting with her future husband behaves very stupid and does not understand the simplest things, and at this moment the father is very uncomfortable for his daughter. Liseo perfectly understands that nothing good in life with such a fool does not wait for him, so he immediately refuses to think about marrying her. This decision is also facilitated by the dazzling beauty of Nisa.

A month has passed. Liseo in the house of Octavio arrives on the rights of Fini’s fiancé, but all the talk about the wedding has long ceased. Liseo spends all her time in courtship for Nisa and wants to achieve her disposition and love, but the girl remains cold to him, she, as before loves Laurencio. And it was already very successful to achieve the location of Phineas. The feeling of love in an unusual way transforms the fool and the mind, previously dozing in her, begins to wake up and reveals her unusually delicate nature. Phineas still sometimes shows her rudeness, but she can not be called a fool. Nisa is tormented by jealousy and lies Laurencio for that. That he betrayed her feelings, he assures her of his love, and all this is heard by Liseo. After that, he calls on his opponent’s duel and on the spot of the fight they have a heart-to-heart talk,
Niso is full of jealousy, and she constantly reproaches her sister that she has a relationship with Laurencio and immediately demands the return of her lover. But Phineas already fell in love with Laurencio and suffers greatly from her sister’s words and when they see them together. She speaks with her simple-heartedness of everything Laurencio, and he replies that everything can be resolved as soon as she pledges to become his wife. Then, in the presence of the close friends of the young man, Feniso and Duardo Finey happily agree to this.

And Liceo, in turn, is even more stubbornly trying to achieve Nisa’s position and admits to an open girl that she does not want to be Finee’s fiancé, but is in love with her. But after this recognition, Nisus, with the same indignation, rejects his courtship. Phineas is changing every day. She ceases to recognize herself, and she explains this transformation with love: she has got curiosity and subtle feelings. All around notice a change in the fool and constantly talking about the new Finee. Liceo, for a long time, unsuccessfully seeking the location of Fox, decides to return to Finee, because Nisa openly stated that she loves only Laurencio.

The decision that Liceu took, immediately reported servants Laurencio. This news is extremely unpleasant to him, because during this time he manages to sincerely love Phineas. Phineas finds a way out of the situation: she again pretends to be a fool and waits for Liseu to once again abandon her. She manages to easily mislead both her father and Liceu and Nisa. Nisa can not in any way accept the loss of Laurencio and asks her father not to come to their house. He gladly fulfills the request of the girl, because the young man’s passion for writing poetry irritates him. Laurencio makes a decision and leaves the house of Octavio, but only with one condition that his condescending will also go with him. He tells Octavio that for more than two months, they have been engaged to Phineas and friends confirm this fact. Octavio is furious and does not want to acknowledge their engagement, Then Phinea hides Laurencio in the attic of the house. Octavio orders Phineas to disappear from sight until all the men leave their house. For asylum, Phineas offers an attic and Octavio immediately agrees.

With Liceu, he explains in the most determined manner and begins to insist on an early wedding with Phineas. The city has long been talking about the fact that he has been living in their house for the third month and has never married Finee. Liseo does not want to marry Finee and asks Octave for Nisa’s hands. But Nisa’s hand is already promised to Duardo, who is the son of Miseno. And Miseno is an old friend of Octavio. Octavio gives a day for thinking Liceo, or he marries Finee, or forever leaves their home. In the hands of Phineas again there is an applicant and she has to pretend to be a fool and hide in the attic.

At this time Selya, Nisa’s maid, traces Clara in the kitchen, which collects a basket of food and rises to the attic. Through the crack, she observes Phineas, Clara and two men. Octavio, upon learning of this, ascends to the attic to find out who is disgracing his house. Laurencio explains that he is located on the roof with his wife, and Phineas simply carries out the order of his father. Octavio has to accept the choice of his fool and give her hand to Laurencio. Taking advantage of the lucky moment, Liceo again asks Nisa’s hands and the father answers him with consent. The servants are also very successful.

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Summary of “Fool”