Reading the comedy of Moliere, one involuntarily thinks that the great playwright somehow mystically saw our time – the modern Jourdens, when people who are

What happiness to live in the world! Live in this world, on Earth! Hello, soldier! The soldier is the most terrible and brutal war! My

Our future is in our hands. Surely, each of us repeatedly heard these words from the lips of parents, teachers. And this future depends on

Julien Sorel – the protagonist of the novel – a nineteen-year-old youth, generously gifted by nature with mental abilities and an ardent heart. He is

Goethe’s creative path, which covered sixty-five years, was marked by the creation of the highest examples of poetry, prose and drama, closely related to the

The first breath of a spring drop. From the roofs of houses, melt water slowly drips, the last snow, symbolizing the winter reign, disappears. Nature