“Culture of Russia” composition

Art reflects the reality of human life throughout many epochs of the development of human society. Moral appearance, feelings, thoughts of people, their outlook are formed in the system of spiritual values, which serve for the aesthetic formation of the personality.

I can say that historical events, the class struggle, as well as the cultural values ​​of different peoples, the conditions of human life in different epochs serve as a source, the origin of art. At school we study many writers. In the works of art the true essence of what is happening is revealed, the spiritual level of society, social conditions, cultural values ​​of the people are seen. In the real presentation and artistic design is the main goal of art, which is created by the people themselves and is designed to reflect all aspects of his life. Using art techniques, creating impressive images of typical characters for the era represented, art affects people’s consciousness.

Lies, hatred,

betrayal, violence cause disgust, form a negative attitude of society to such manifestations, calling for struggle with them. I think, exposing evil, art reveals his doom to the ideals of beauty. The best human thoughts and actions give rise to people’s belief that evil will always be punished, but the truth will always triumph. The role of art as a bearer of cultural values ​​is undeniable.

Each epoch has its own character, leaves its cultural heritage, which is certainly reflected in works of art. Art enriches the inner world of any person with comprehensive knowledge: artistic creations, rich historical material, the heritage of the culture of the numerous peoples inhabiting our planet. The nature of art is based on the realism of not only the events taking place, but also the many circumstances of a person’s life, his character and actions in various surrounding conditions.

In my opinion, the person’s interest in works of art will never dry out. Art brings harmony and beauty to life of every person, it is the source of aesthetic education of a person. From my point of view, art inspires people to the most good deeds and deeds, and therefore one must love, know and study it.

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“Culture of Russia” composition