Composition on the picture Vereshchagin “After the attack.” The dressing station near Plevna “

A huge role in the work of Vereshchagin was played by the theme of the war. This is the subject of most of the artist’s paintings, including the work “After the attack.” The dressing station near Plevna. ” This picture he painted in 1878, devoting his creation to the storming of the city of Plevna, in which a huge number of Russian soldiers died.

Looking at the picture I saw a flat terrain around which the low mountains stretch. On the horizon there is a haze from military battles, and in the foreground there are tents in the form of tents. These tents are a field hospital. It can be seen that all the injuries do not fit into these tents, but they all need help after the battle. Someone from the wounded himself is able to reach the hospital, and someone is brought on a stretcher. People lie under the hot sun, and wait for them to be able to help. On the faces of many you can see the pain. I would like to note a great feature of this picture, all people

are in different poses. each figure is unique in its facial expressions and gestures.

In my opinion, Vereshchagin tried most accurately and realistically to convey the accuracy of the events that occurred. Showing the war on the most terrible, merciless side. I think it’s impossible to single out a single person, everything is important here, against the background of smoke from the fire and weapons scattered all over the place. When you look at this picture, as if you hear the moaning of everyone who has not yet reached the tent with help, their pain passes through you, and you feel every bullet wound. And you involuntarily want to help every soldier, but just do not know what, persuade yourself that soon everything will end, and everyone will get better, everyone will recover from the pain, but no one can forget this terrible time. You are ready to grab one of the abandoned weapons and go to defend your people. Every picture of this artist is a small world in which you can take part,

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Composition on the picture Vereshchagin “After the attack.” The dressing station near Plevna “