Summary “To go and not return” Bykova

It was snowing. Putnitsa wandered around the frozen swamp, beginning to worry more and more. Those who sent her also did not expect snowfall, which unexpectedly began about two hours ago. Now Zoska had a clear trail, but soon it would be covered by snow. Worse, she lost her way.

The expected forester was not visible, a dull unfamiliar swamp was stretching around. There is no one to ask – there are eight kilometers to the nearest village. They did not give weapons with them-it could have failed the task, for the same reason they did not give her a compass either. She had a passport and a German ausvays, very shabby, probably many used it. A document in the name of Adelaide Augustevich, Zoska very much liked the name. And then – Zosya Nareiko, although each – his own. She had to cross the swamp, cross a small river and go to the Skidelsky railroad – there will already begin familiar places. There will be their dangers, but here it turned out to be more terrible:

in the dim twilight the swamp seemed to be full of monsters. Coming closer, Zoska saw a snow-covered hummock or a snag, what else to be at this time on the swamp. However, fear grew with darkness. The girl was driving herself obsessive thoughts,

The snowfall seemed to have thinned, suddenly a hare darted from under the feet, forcing the girl to freeze from horror. Looking back, she was even more frightened, as she clearly saw the silhouette of a man. Then she thought that she had indicated herself. Zoska strode swiftly forward, not allowing herself to look back. The swamp has ended, somewhere ahead there should be a small river. We have to look for a ford or a bottleneck to move to the other side. Zoska looked around – there was no one to be seen. Now I had to think about how to overcome the river, look for a suitable railing and try to cross it. The girl went around a few trees, testing the strength of their rough branches with her hand, and, glancing in the field, saw a man walking along her tracks. Twilight prevented to consider going, it was clear only that there was a confident man who knows his

purpose. Zoska realized that he too was seeing her, she had only one way – for the river. It was necessary to hurry, she broke down a small tree under the root and decided to “run across” this unreliable support to the other shore, but immediately slipped and fell into the river, falling through the waist. From above a voice rang out: “Zoska, wait, are you foolish?” She froze, recognizing the voice of Anton, the partisan from their squad. He helped the girl get out of the river. Zoska was surprised how Golubin, whom she had called Anton three days ago, was from here. He helped the girl get out of the river. Zoska was surprised how Golubin, whom she had called Anton three days ago, was from here. He helped the girl get out of the river. Zoska was surprised how Golubin, whom she had called Anton three days ago, was from here.

Zoska explained that she was very frightened of the persecution, that’s why she rushed into the river. Anton ordered her to run after him to keep warm. The girl felt that her legs were derevyayut, skirt froze and became a stake. Zoska tried to ask Anton how he was close. But he only answered: “Well, it’s okay.” Well, she came in. Or she could. “She could not understand why he was tens of kilometers from the camp, they sent her to work alone, there was no question of Golubin. There’s no power to run, but you can not stop – you’ll freeze. Zoska remembered how they said goodbye to Anton in the morning. She could not say where she was going, she only promised to come back in about two weeks. Zoska wanted to say what she needed for the river, but first, really, it was necessary to dry herself, and she happily grabbed this sympathetic help.

Anton knew, somewhere near the village, there can be dried. He advised me to cross the river near the forest ranger. Zoska was going to, but because of the snowfall she lost her way. Anton smiled: not yet out of the zone and already lost his bearings. “How are you going to be there, scout?” She had nothing to say. But do not be frightened of it, Zoska would not climb into the river, there’s no one to blame. On the run Anton looked around and realized that the village was left out. Golubin grumbled discontentedly at Zoska that they had lost her way because of her, and she wanted to shout that if she had not been there, she was not scared and would not have climbed that river, but she restrained herself, and decided that she would somehow get out. Anton saw the stack and called the girl. In the hay it was possible to dry and sleep in the warmth. In the first haystack the hay was caked and did not succumb to their frozen fingers, but in the second one a laz was ready. Anton ordered Zoska to climb into the haystack, take off his wet clothes and wrapped himself in his jacket (sheepskin coat). While the girl was pulling off her wet boots, stockings, skirt, Anton was closing his laz. He cheerfully promised that soon they would breathe and be able to dry.

Anton lay down, pressing himself against the wrapped Zoska. She asked Anton where he was going? Golubin replied that they were almost on the way. Zosku was frightened by Anton’s close neighborhood, she first found himself in such a situation: on the one hand, he was her savior, but what he had in mind, she did not know and decided to keep as tight as possible. Anton promised that soon Zoska would get warm. “Better than on the stove in the hut.” Without any connection, he suddenly asked if she remembered Looks? What there were parties. Kuznetsov was at war and loved to walk. “He was young,” answered Zoska.

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Summary “To go and not return” Bykova