Composition on the picture Kuindzhi “Evening in Ukraine”

The works of Kuindzhi are distinguished by the unique nature of the artistic tasks solved in them and the originality of not only painting, but also the vision of the world itself. The main role in the figurative structure of his paintings is played by the transmission of lighting and even the light itself in nature.

The sun and moonlight, the purple rays of the sunset, the dazzling glitter of clouds and mountain peaks, the contrasts of light and deep shadows – this is what Kuindzhi first saw in beauty and poetry in the life of his native nature.

Raising the intensity of color, generalizing the forms of nature, Kuindzhi introduced into his works a clearly expressed element of decorativeness, combining it with the desire for illusory light effects and the romanticism of poetic interpretation of reality.

All these features were vividly embodied in the picture “Evening in Ukraine”, which depicts a small Ukrainian farm, surrounded by gardens, at the

time of sunset.

All subjects changed their usual daytime appearance, and for a brief moment the ordinary rural corner turned into an enchanting theatrical setting.

Kuindzhi captured this moment. Possessing exceptional sensitivity to the shades of light and the ability to accurately transmit them on the canvas, he caught the features of this amazing, albeit almost daily, state of nature, when the world becomes fantastically unreal.

Brightly crimson in the light and transparent green in the shadows were white Ukrainian huts, glowing with golden stars, the sunflowers flashed from the deep darkness of the wattle fence, and the greenery of the trees was transformed into black-and-pomegranate according to I. Repin’s apt definition. Everything became unusually beautiful and mysterious.

And yet this is the most ordinary nature that could be seen in the pictures of other landscape-Wanderers. Only Kuindzhi found his way and his means of affirming her beauty and managed to fulfill the task set before him with a unique originality and skill.

With his works he seemed to suggest that people do

not believe that everything around them is ordinary and ordinary. He revealed to us that nature is full of miraculous and unusual, present everywhere and everywhere. You just need to notice this.

In 1894, Kuindzhi was invited to work in the Academy of Arts, head of the “landscape” workshop. There he showed his exceptional talent as a teacher. Kuindzhi raised a number of outstanding landscape painters, among whom such masters as N. K. Roerich, K. F. Bogaevsky, A. A. Rylov and many others can be named.

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Composition on the picture Kuindzhi “Evening in Ukraine”